Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

St. Demetrios

(26 October)

Tonight we are visiting Dimitrina (fertile), Dimitar (fertile), Dima, Dimo, Dimka, Dragan (kind, loving), Dragana, Mitko, Mitra.

St. Demetrios
St. Demetrios

Ritual table: cake with apples, stew rooster sacrifice of sheep meat.

The celebration, called Mitrovden in folk marks the beginning of winter, “St. George summer brings St. Demetrius – winter.” Sv. Dimitar rides a red horse and his beard first snowflakes fall. “When it’s Dimitri comes and the snow,” it is the popular belief.

This day ends the traditional period for which hire shepherds, herdsmen, laborers – from St. George to Demetrius. In some places the next day, called disband becomes the payment of employees. Arranged offerings of Demetrius, village fairs and services. On Saturday before the holiday is Dimitrov Souls.

St. Demetrios saint of Thessaloniki, Martyr, whose advocacy compete Greeks, Bulgarians, Serbs and Russians. Presumably he was proconsul of Thessaloniki under Emperor Diocletian and his saupravitelya Maximilian. Died a martyr in October 305-306 AC.

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