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Black Magic

Spells for Death and No Children

It had been a month of this case, a relative of the father sought our help. Came two, one of which – also a young man of about 26 years – shared their pain. His mother, a relatively young woman – about 45 years, which was never complained about anything and had no health problems, coming out to feed the animals had a stroke and died a few days later. Son also did not feel good, there was often unbearable pain in the head and tightness in the heart area, but his greatest sorrow was that five years had no children with his wife.

It turned out that the death of the mother due to complex magic of death in their home. It affects the health of the fledgling Review son. Furthermore, there was another magic made ​​for the family of the young man – no children. The second spell was placed near the Turkish cemetery, but not in the village where they lived, and in another, more distant. In reviewing my wife found that magic finger was taken from an old tomb in which was buried the old man, and later, in the same grave, buried a little child, grandchild buried before. As describing things, maybe someone will think that all the data needed to detect where it is placed or buried magic to get magically short time. I would like to go into details, but I will reiterate that a clairvoyant to be able to obtain this information must be of the highest degree. Even then, however, requires a lot of time, sometimes for hours, voltage and overload the brain.

Usually after a session to obtain the necessary information, the clairvoyant feels very tired and tired.

Беше минал само месец от този случай, когато роднина на бащата потърси нашата помощ. Дойдоха двама, от които единият – също млад мъж на около 26 години – сподели болката си. Майка му, сравнително млада жена – около 45 годишна, която никога не се била оплаквала от нещо и нямала проблеми със здравето, излизайки да нахрани животните, получила удар и след няколко дни починала. Синът също не се чувстваше добре, имаше често непоносими болки в главата и стягане в сърдечната област, а най-голямата му мъка беше, че вече пет години нямаха деца със съпругата си.

We went to the house of the young man and found the magic that caused the death of his mother, buried up to the threshold of the barn animals. He said that right here they found the woman fell and lost consciousness.

Magic was a clipping from an old book written in Arabic, folded in a triangle, which was wrapped with tape to not affect the moisture remained to find the second spell – a task with many unknowns because we knew only the name of the village where it was placed. Had to specify the day and time that the dead could help us find her. I remember the time fixed for it was after midnight and arranged a day that two young men had come to pick us up to go to the village and look for the magic. It turned out that the cemetery, to whose fence was placed magic outside the village. Near him stood a garage for cars of a freight company. Window of the portal world, and before him stood a pillar of street lighting. Both instructed what to do after my wife pointed out the place where the magic is buried. One had to keep the bag open and the other after scrape away the grass and a small layer of dust in the area shown, I had to dig to a depth of a shovel to put the dust bag. This was done as quickly as possible because of the time of the designation to the digging of the magic in the first years of my wife, she was very ill, and if work is delayed, lost consciousness from pain. From this state displays it very difficult, even after being away from the place of spells in the Arabic language, repeating in a whisper as he regains consciousness.

We entered the enclosure with barbed wire space between the cemetery and glowing portal at midnight. They say that the devil did not work. Wilt thou not, right now, where my wife the place where magic is buried, and they had to fulfill what they’ve been told by the guard gate out, lit with a lighter and lit a cigarette. The distance was me more than 100 meters, but in the darkness he could see us, and to us he had seen, he would take us to the “spirits” and hide. The two men were afraid of his appearance, threw the bag and spade and fled. I could not let his wife because she was ill and would not fall. I was very angry that I had come here for the good of one of the fleeing and angrily shouted at them to stop. The concierge probably heard screaming coming from the direction of the cemetery, startled, dropped the cigarette and slipped back into the site, and our two helpers stopped and returned. Very quickly dug soil, putting it into the bag, and when I told them to be removed, they went straight through densely taut wire fence and immediately caused the car. We’d go when I asked them where they were left with dust bag and shovel. They had forgotten the place where he was buried magic. I went back and barely found things in the dark. I put them in the trunk of the car and drove off. We went outside the village, we found a small creek and headlights made ​​them look at the magic dust. Found her quickly, because it was as big as a hen’s egg. In sewn ball rotting black cloth had a beak of a cuckoo and a few other filth of human and animal origin do not want to describe. Inside the Magic was placed and the dust from the grave as the symbolism of the spell is as follows: “As the cuckoo lays its eggs in the nests and never seen and did not know who her offspring, and this family has no children of their own.” The symbolism of the other filth in the magic I hate to describe.

Fear that lived through the two men was not in vain. Suffering after a short treatment is fine, and his wife after about six months pregnant and had a boy. Lest ill child to grow healthy and cheerful, the parents had to baptize in the name of the deceased old man from whose grave was taken the dust, put in magic. This was caveat to show us the spirit of the dead the exact location of the buried magic. Parents filled the desire of the dead, and the dead do not only want, but unlike us, the living, always keep their promises. Unfortunately always executed and the meaning of what is written in magic, placed close to their eternal home. You have no idea, dear readers, how much misery and death lies in all, and especially in Christian cemeteries. I can say, however, that when looking for magic against a person to or in any graveyard dead themselves say where they put spells to different people, calling their names. The desire of the dead is to remove spells requiring them to cause suffering and death of living because of envy and malice of people with black people possessed by evil.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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