Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

Song of the the Fool

They say in the old days
King lived a beautiful queen.
Court jester day, by night
for his masterly songs entertain them.

And unfortunately he fell in love,
but not simple virgin.
Forgot your rank the Fool,
loved his queen.

Once the Queen said:
“Sing me, fool, serenade,
as trognesh you my heart
I’ll give you a kiss in the prize”.

And sonorous song spilled,
stroking it gently as a caress,
and at night The one shot he knew
how sweet was pelvis kiss.

Mad fool jester,
raft fresh roses he longs.
Alas, he does not know it
pelvis night with another will kiss.

Jealous servant in late night
Follow them and the King reports
and bedniy shot, broken without power
on the second night he hopes.

Angry king, all embarrassed
He was troubled by false queen.
Anger obsessed with his sword
when it comes to black thought.

And I like you fell in love
of the pelvis lovely serenade.
Get your fool, pelvis head
I give it to you for a reward.

Ringing the bell rings me,
Jingle, sing sad strings.
Get your fool, pelvis head
I give it to you for a reward.

The translation is not professional and it is only to provide approximate information about the content of Bulgarian text.



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