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Song about Little Red Riding Hood

Song about Little Red Riding Hood

Song about Little Red Riding Hood

Nedyalko Yordanov

And once in a forest
suddenly old case brought
shade of yellow month
Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.
Defying all rules
and he said: “Come With Me!”
And she believed the wolf
and two left on the road.
One star was their sign.
They walked in the rain and snow
no raincoat and no umbrella –
it better, he – better.
But a hunter with a feather
of the tale by Charles Perrault
meet its debt service,
killing the good wolf.
Oh, brave hunter, bow, bow!
Oh, rifle and bow to you!
Bow to the right patron!
Bow to stern law!
Little Red Riding Hood, hello –
you do not cry, do not!
Where had he gone where?
He would eat you.
But who will understand why
no hat and no coat
it’s because he wanders in the forest
and seek their wolf today.

The translation is not professional and it is only to provide approximate information about the content of Bulgarian text.



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