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Short guide for other things

Short guide for other things

Short guide for other things

Origin unknown, editing and additions to my …

All that pleasure of both partners in sex is acceptable. Everyone has their limits “eligibility” ..; – §)) and need both to conform to enjoy without borders …

Do not expect to find here tips on everything you’ve heard, seen, tried and is different from the traditional … I’d love other stuff posted here, share your experience …. as long as it is consistent with the style and language used before, or if you allow me to edit the material a little ….

This guide is intended for women and men.

Lesson 1: Erotic massage

Make sure your nails are well cut.

Your hands are warm and well coated with massage cream to glide from crown to her ankles. WITH fingertips make strong circular touch.

With gentle slides nail distribute massaging movements on the contours of her body.

Occasionally make light bites when you kiss ass, back, ears and neck. Be gentle – this is not a hamburger!

Use a hand massager or patted her gently on the back.

Every girl will confirm that loves to caress her breasts.

(There are, of course, exceptions that hard to hate someone groping.)

Be understanding if you are slapped on the fingers when you demonstrate manual dexterity. Reluctance may be due to different things:

  • increased sensitivity of the grains in the period before the cycle (you’ll have to wait);
  • she does not like her breasts (compliment appropriate medicine, but without overdoing it in obvious lie);
  • this does not affect her (just leave it alone!).

For ladies who love to crush their breasts, try the following:

At the beginning be very gentle while not gradually increase her excitement.

Heat it with holistic massage and only then deal with nipples. The rest of the chest represents insensitive fat, so no need to waste it.

Do not try to chew, crush and squeeze the chest like a tennis ball, unless sadomazohistka. This, however, will find it a lot before you get to bed… I mean, the place for massages… 😉

Suck, lick and gently twist the nipples as they spend equal time.

Do not overdo it!

After ten minutes massaging movements concentrate on the upper inner thigh, but not touch, where it awaits! Remember that so far only excites her.

Very important thing – everything must be done slowly and gently. Very slowly and very gently. With fingertips. With the tips of the nails. With the hairs on his arms. Slowly. And gently. Implying what would you do, but do not. Aside at the last moment. Or stop. The aim is to achieve a craving, but it does not satisfy.

(At least not immediately, deee… 😉 not to mention massage …)

Lesson 2: Master and slave

Something worth a try.

To obtain you must know how to tie your partner and also it likes to be in bondage. Works great for many people.

Traditionally, women perform it over the man, but it is possible and vice versa. You need good access and completely helpless partner, although you can not tie it if it disgusts you, but then the result will be completely different and you will not go far enough.

Effect lies in the fact that you’re playing with your partner as a tool necessarily pushing it forward, but do not justify his hopes.

Woman tied man for his own satisfaction or crucifying him, or with hands behind and cross-legged, naked and lying on his back.

It stands on top of the knees to face him and makes exquisite striyptiyz. Then grabbing his hair rubbed his lips in the arms and chest, giving him the scent of her body.

Then wraps legs around his neck and pressed his lips to the other’s mouth.

Finally she takes off everything and provide direct genital kiss (first touching it with hair, then open by itself sets the time for that), exposing the head of his cock as crackling hold him for a while to get him going.

All this goes back to helping hand or mouth and becoming more serious. It has two focus points on which to focus – these are his mouth and and agility is that both are constantly busy, without pauses and premature ejaculation. The possibilities are obvious – both hands, one hand and one or the other interpretation of the other. Diversity touches chest, armpits and even hair.

Improvisation is not only permissible, but also desirable… 😉

Will process most sensitive areas to the end of your fingers, tongue and lips, in the extreme case one arm member, the other on the lips and does not allow weakening of rhythm.

Woman begins a slow masturbation. This is out of my mind (and as long as miserable) sexual feeling for most men.

If you still want to know why he is tied, try the same even for a few seconds with unattached partner. Sit comfortably on his chest so that your cheeks are under his chin. Hold the base of the member with one hand and with the other pull him back cuticle as possible with the index finger and thumb (towards you). Then start fast, sharp, nervous movements – all very fast, but not more than once per second. After 20 of them make 10 even faster movements, then return to the slow rhythm and so on..

Do not forget to count… hee hee …. or messing numbers… 😉

If bustle below you or in some other feel close to ejaculation – slow down (you’ll feel it in practice). Keep it in this state long, so as you think it is capable of withstanding. The reaction of the man is enough to excite most women.

You can press their dissolved “puff” to his chest, but do not let them distract you from your activities.

Most men last for about ten minutes. If it becomes sluggish him out of this unfortunate condition or masturbation fast to the end, or mouth, or rubbing on it. When he finished it loose as quickly as possible – the orgasm will leave him in a position as if he played a tough game.

Dissemination of this experience, in which veterans will know the specific treatment of Japanese massage is the probably the only benefit that America derives from the Vietnam War, and the only obstacle may be only gauge your partner.

For men, there are three points on which to focus – lips, breasts and clitoris. It can start as her underarms and with the head of his cock, then rubbed her hand with her ​​scent and handed it to her lips. Need to follow the movements and sounds her how strong touch to the clitoris can withstand it. He can copy the Invention “moves in a circle,” and it stirs with extensions, but generally better results are simple strokes as possible deeper and faster.

Then you have to loosen quickly and painlessly so skillfully that it is returning to Earth quietly lying in his arms.

Another unexpected trick is this: the lady promised your partner something not experienced before, tie it so that it can not be released or fuss and compels him to watch as she masturbates to orgasm. This is exciting for both.

It if was excited and waiting for something to die of desire and his useless struggle will arouse him. Can then continue slowly.

Lesson 3: Anal

One of a deeply interesting question is anal sex. Those who practice it say it can not be compared with anything, those who are not, yet have concerns are both curious.

The anus is part of the human body that many people love to cheer. Much of the nerve ends in the anus and therefore irritation in this area are a source of pleasure. Naturally, they can be a source of pain, but when there is pain – is not sex. Theme of this guide is how to experience the joy of anal sex.

First it must be said that it is recommended the use of lubricants especially when you praktukuvali such sexual relations before.

It is important that you trust your partner and he respects your boundaries, and understand your concerns. We may not a man who wants to do anal sex. . Another factor that must be overcome is inexplicable negative attitude towards anal sex in most women (especially in Bulgaria). I do not know what caused it, but according to research in the world, 48% of heterosexual women and 60% of bisexual regularly practice anal sex. I do not know what percent in Bulgaria, but is probably much smaller. I will mention briefly the most common misconceptions:

1 Only prostitutes have anal sex – FALSE. 50-100 years ago may have been so, but now it is not. Grandmother you the same way she thought that only prostitutes go with dresses to the knee.

2 Anal sex is nasty – FALSE. Anus is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and can deliver unimaginable pleasure. Naturally have to follow some rules that are mentioned in this manual.

3 Anal sex is immoral and perverse – see item 1. By the same token it can be said that oral sex and masturbation are perverted or sex before marriage is immoral.

4 Anal sex is dirty – FALSE!

5 Women who practice anal sex do just to pleasure your partner – FALSE! If there is a problem such women it is only theirs. Anal sex is a source of pleasure and delight, and if a woman is deprived of them, it does not know what she lost.

The pleasure of anal sex is determined by many factors, including the pleasure of doing something “odd”, especially in sex. Someone has said that the most powerful erogenous zone is the brain and is somewhat right. Physical sensation during anal sex is different than anything else. Rectum is full of nerves, much of that signal to your brain a nice feeling when something stimulates them. Men anal penetration is very nice because it is narrow and tight from the vagina.

The main things that you must have to practice anal sex are lubricants, condoms, and patience. Naturally, the rule applies here that lubricants should be water-based because others violate the surface of condoms that are latex. Condoms are necessary primarily to protect men from bacterial infections. The woman has virtually no increased risk of illness in healthy anal sex with a man. Anal stimulation can be practiced as a different kind of sex or in addition to traditional sex – penetration with finger (cut nails, hey!) Or suitable object into the anus during intercourse enhances arousal and pleasure in women. However in anal sex here I understand penetration penis in the anus, which she delivers the greatest pleasure.

The hardest thing about anal sex the first time. The anus is partly under conscious control, partly react with reflexes of different stimulation. It consists of two rings muscles – the first one is the outside is controlled consciously. Second, somewhat deeper react reflexively. It is therefore essential to fully relax. Well gets a hot shower or bath. The best way is to start with stimulation in the anal area – fondling, kissing or oral stimulation, then your partner can penetrate the anus with your finger (forefinger) or suitable object. However, the finger is better because you can feel the reaction of the muscles. You should tell if fast or something bothers you or causes you pain. You can make slow movements in and out of cars or spins. After a few minutes when you get used anus partner you can reach with your thumb and two fingers. It is important when you penetrate the anus with your penis take it easy.

It is also important stand during anal sex. Some women prefer them to be on top to be able to control the depth and rhythm of penetration pockets. Others prefer to lie on your stomach or on your back with legs – this allows you to masturbate during sex analnen. Third like posture known as “sling back” or “dog”. It is suitable posture in which the partners lie side by the man penetrates from behind. You decide how you would love to practice anal sex. Anal sex must be done slowly. Unlike the vagina anus does not release discharge, friction reducing and any “heroic” side events of men are irrelevant and do not lead to greater pleasure, but on the contrary – can cause lasting negative attitude towards anal sex.


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