Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Short Dream Dictionary

Short Dream Dictionary

Short Dream Dictionary

If you dream :
You can expect:
shark problems
midwife long illness
album encounter
angel success in your endeavors
pie being
drum slander, gossip
abyss ruin
pearls tears
fight – fight someone feud
disease long health
beard – thick gain
beard – as you shave loss
ford in the river trouble
Beach quiet life
bottle news
owl trouble
wagon disease
chain – buying luck
newspapers disorder
cherry tears
water disease
sparrow – to eat wedding
Crow sorrow
pillow aspidistra
wolf enemy
waves unexpected time
lice money
wind love
naked people disease
forest abroad
grapes charge
comb time
grave oblivion
pigeons life lucky
mushrooms gain
goose love
children success
watermelon joyous
tomatoes shame
rain trouble
tree abroad
lake rest
fish pond gain
echo letter from far away
frog treachery
iron unexpected gift
fireworks happy VES
rabbit loss
prison big change
sugar pleasure
gold separation
winter separation
izmurud meeting
needle crush
icon being
sparks confusion
stools money
velvet pleasant news
mud disease
bell joy
paintings interest
cards scandal
coffin notice
bed happiness
cat enemy
mosquito danger
goat – to milking (not ram ; – §) money
thread gossip
skin – to buy wealth
horse false
hair – thick gain
hair – to Trim loss
blood meeting with relatives
bed family life
curls wealth
bathing bathroom disease
suitcase unexpected time
cucumbers unrest
doll surprise
muffin happiness
bucket gain
branch success in love
house new life
lamp success
Swan pleasure
lemon treason friend
moon great love
bowl void
pendant marriage
milk gain
Sea turbulent life
raspberry success
table proposal
knife interesting man
blanket separation
fire scandal
fence problems
earrings mates
drunk pain
rifle hassle
right path being
turkey friend
orange gift success
money – paper joy
money – copper tears
pancakes disease
chicks joy
meadow gain
radio rumor, gossip
cutting – cutting something loss
shirt letter
fish – eat disease
fish – catching gain
brook joy
hands – dirty money
soap guest
snow laughter
death long life
cheese gain
upstairs success
chest empty life
stool secret sorrow
Hedgehog conversation with a liar
pot theft
brick luck, success
smile someone dreams about you
hurricane change
butt with a boyfriend
photography surprise
flag respect
cockroach bored
cockroaches trouble, money
praise intercession
walking bridge danger
kissing trouble
church will
flowers rich life
Gypsy or Roma you, lie
bump gain
glasses – drink guests
tea – drink joy
Sock – long time
brush treason
socks – short dating
cup vain intercession
chocolate joy
eggs guests
pit sorrow
yacht joy
clear sky improvement

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