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Sex and Healthy Body

Sex and Healthy Body

Sex and Healthy Body

What does health sex?

I reiterate, I am logically thinking person, and when you explain it, you will see the importance of health for sex.

We can fall in love with the mind, feelings or soul. When the mind is involved, you watch someone and think what you see, you like: a dazzling smile, legs, causing furor great eyes, great figure. Thought you feverishly work and you decide to follow that person. Then trigger feelings: they encourage you to familiarize yourself with the person who drew your attention. And in your heart you feel that this might be the missing half of yourself that you have searched fervently for so long.

But all these thoughts, feelings and aspirations can not exist and not be satisfied without a body. Without your body you are not able to think, feel and experience desired. Your body is the body, the instrument through which reflected all these things. Your body is a true temple of God, even though most of us hardly see it in a religious sense.Какво общо има здравето със секса?

The majority of us also abuse their bodies, it is a wonder how they are still functioning.

Not accidentally reasoning we sometimes blurred – our veins and arteries are so clogged with opiates, nicotine and alcohol that oxygen difficult its way to our brains; is, how to think clearly? The human brain much like a computer. And when your body is overstressed or immersed in a deep depression, the computer hangs blocked. And you stop thinking clearly.

Same with feelings. If your nerves are stretched to the limit, it is not possible to be a loving person. Not that you want to be charming, caring and filled with tenderness, but literally can not.

When you are tense and worried hitting children screaming husband or wife. You do not want to do it, but you just can not help it. And when you’re depressed, you are not safe to kisses and caresses. Perhaps your mind is preoccupied with how to deal with themselves.

Thus, the body which is not hard, it can not be loving. But the opposite is positively true. A truly healthy body can easily be loving.

Sex is a normal function of the body, like eating, drinking, movement and sleep. When you are sick or you eat or you drink, you do not want to walk around n surely not sleep well. Of course, you are not to have sex.

When you are under the influence of any drugs or vazbuzhashti substances (cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee. Tea and so on..) You can usually eat and drink, though not fully. You can walk, but the walk is not flexible sleep, but your sleep is restless. But drugs almost always interfere with your sex life.

Sex is one of the most accurate barometers of health. This applies to both men and women. If a person is a heavy smoker (if even moderate), it impairs the functions of the sexual organs. When sexual desire sexual organs (penis and clitoris respectively) pour blood and that is what excites us. Smoking narrows the veins – and arteries, especially those of the genitals, and they can not be fully sprinkled. This is impotence – member, which does not reach to the rush of blood, can not erect.

Alcohol abuse does reduce the content in the body of B vitamins that support the nervous system in good shape and make us relaxed and sensual. The first few minutes of the alcohol creates in us the illusion of a nice feeling, but then when its effect weakens, it creates tension and we oscillate between bouts of depression and anxiety and these conditions are not conducive to love and sex. Indeed, alcohol is able to drive our every thought or desire for lovemaking.

The effect of coffee is identical. It temporarily raises the tone, then it sharply lowers, and need a second cup, third, until finally the body. you become overstressed and love and sex are the last things that interest you. So it is with other drugs: cocaine, marijuana, and so on.. Everything is repeated.

Of course, excessive smoking and drinking (both men and women) damage and many other parts of the body such as the lungs, liver, heart, skin and so on.., But the real (and fastest) barometer injury remains our sex life. Nicotine constricts blood vessels (really makes them much closer), but as I said, the expansion of blood vessels leads to an erection in men and sexual arousal in women. A inhaled carbon monoxide reduces the oxygen level in the blood, and the production of hormones.

When someone is a die-hard smoker capacity ia his lungs sharply reduced, which in turn dramatically reduces its strength during intercourse. Try only. See what happens if you quit smoking for a month. Do not suffer your sex life a significant rise (I mean potency you), you can always go back to smoking. I know it’s hard to deny a person, but when cit succeeded, I think that everyone else could.

One of the beautiful aspects of life is that in most cases it is irretrievably lost. Usually there is hope that something can be saved. Take the example of smoking. Longer a person smokes, just a few months his body will completely cleared of accumulated therein tar, nicotine and all sorts of poisons. Your lungs will return to the state they were in before they start smoking, just a few months after you stop.

Alcoholism is a result of lack of nutrients in the body (particularly B vitamins) and since our bodies are malnourished, thirsty beverage, and this further increases the lack of nutrients become more malnourished, we need more more drinks and so on.., and so on.. This is particularly manifested in the time of economic crisis.

The first thing you should do men wishing to become superlyubovnitsi is to reach out to the less cup to forget all about smoking and start practicing their beautiful bodies, bringing them back into shape. Jogging is extremely suitable for home, even if you run out of his bedroom. As see how well you reflect, you may continue running in and out.
I know there are those men who overdo it with tobacco and alcohol, yet their organs function normally. But believe me, they are the exception. And their sexual power not (can not) last forever. These men start in life with better shape than most of us, so nicotine and alcohol they need a little more time until exercise disastrous effect. But sooner or later it happens

And as for men is very significant to be in excellent physical shape to be great lovers, it is important for women. The clitoris is actually a tiny penis if a woman cram your body with various poisons clitoris it will react the same way as the male penis: it will be difficult, if not impossible, to maintain excited and lose desire sex.

Remember, it is impossible to maintain an erection if your body is not healthy. That it is a matter of mentality. You can request or impose their penis to di curable. This is not an emotional problem when a new and exciting partner will stimulate you and the member will automatically erect. If abusing your body, freight it with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, the problem is physical. Your penis will not be able to harden until they change lifestyle and take care of your health.

Once you regain good physical shape, you sharpen the senses (which will inevitably happen when your body is activated), you cultivate your feelings with the flow of love in your life, you will feel invigorating jets invaded in the physical, spiritual and emotional your essence. High expression of this life force is sex – exciting, sweet, pleasant and exciting sex life. It is just one way to get satisfaction from yourself, but supreme.

Big incentive for sex is love. When it emanates from every fiber of your body fills your every thought and accompany each of your passion, then you understand what zya worth living.

Try to become healthy and I promise you will feel better than ever.

People are so used to a state of anxiety and stress that it considered natural. I think this is the way it should feel. Only when free from the stress and anxiety they realize how awful they felt and how unnatural this is.

When your body is in superkonditsiya, you begin to think more clearly and you will find that your worries will disappear. You will be surprised how much you improve your personal contacts. People will find you more relaxed and nicer because when your nerves are relaxed, you will not yell at your kids, kick the cat or go into battle with your partner.

The first step is to relieve physical tension.

If you are a mess with ten cups of coffee (at least) and packs of cigarettes (at least) a day and so many other “sweets” I do not know how all come alive, let alone how the body you’ve probably tense and restless between frequent bouts of depression. Sleep terrible nightmares, and the next day everything is repeated again.

Think! Will collapse physically clipper will simply refuse to work.

Perhaps you are missing vitamins … I will not dwell on what to do to make up for this lack. There are too many books published on the subject.

Every body is specific and has indi vidual needs. We do not need fe Naqvi vitamins. Here’s the minimum dose. Some of you need a minimum dose, other, perhaps more, but I will tell you how to tell if you are on the right track.

Daily minimum – doses for adult !!!

– Vitamin A – 25,000 units;
– All B vitamins;
– Vitamin C – 3000 mg;
– Vitamin D – 3000 units;
– Vitamin E ~ 400 units;
– Dolomite – 1300 mg (10 tablets or one level tsp powder);
– Other minerals.
Let’s start with Vitamin A. It is essential for beautiful skin – prevent and treat skin inflammations. Besides, it makes hair shiny, improves daily, especially night vision, stimulates cell growth and strengthens resistance against infections ka.

Vitamin A and vitamin E are combined and action must be taken together, because without vitamin E, vitamin A is destroyed by oxygen. Vitamin A is found in green and yellow vegetables and apricots.

The vitamins of group B are B1, B2, B6, B12, B16, B17, biotin, folic acid, inositol, niacin, and paraminobenzolatite pantheon acid. All vitamins of the B group are water-soluble and can not accumulate in the body. They are synergistic, which means that one or several together create a need for the other.

Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. If you start sneezing or feel that really increased the dose of 50,000 mg, if necessary even to 100,000 milligrams daily; it usually wins oshe virus in the bud. Vitamin C is fantastic, but you should drink large quantities of it (always with plenty of fluids). If swallow regularly vitamin C and still Indeed, then the dosage is insufficient. Continue to take vitamin C in large quantities at least another day after you feel better (and usually start to feel better soon increase dose), because if you stop too soon, microbes will begin to multiply again.

If your gums bleed or bruise easily on your body, these are signs that you lack vitamin C. If you never caught the cold or flu, it probably need a smaller dose than other people and then 3000 or 4000 milligrams per-day will be sufficient. Vitamin C is a water-soluble and can accumulate in the body. Any excess is washed away and tissues of the body should be satisfied with it every day. And again I repeat, do not forget to drink plenty of fluids, taking large amounts of vitamin C. Use your body as a barometer: if you feel great and really nor capture viruses, then 3000 mg per day you arrive. If you easily make you ill, then you need more.

Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine” vitamin helps your body absorb and retain calcium. Without vitamin D much calcium is lost. It does not contain abundant food, so a number of people are experiencing a huge shortage of it and wonder why they are so nervous. Vitamin D can be absorbed without fat, so I take after food with high fat content. Like vitamin A and vitamin D can be toxic, but only in overdose.

Vitamin E is an oxidant and helps all body muscles, reducing their need for oxygen. With more oxygen to the heart does not have to work so hard. Vitamin E is sometimes referred to as the sex vitamin because it helps to produce meaningful hormones. Vitamin E enriched with oxygen and the brain, so it is used to treat children with mental retardation.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, I suggest you start very cautiously with 100 units of vitamin E. Once you have taken other vitamins, you become more healthy and your blood has fallen, then increase the dose to 400 units. Others should start with 800 or 400 units if they are to be gradually, reaching 800.

Dolomite contains calcium and magnesium – two ingredients essential for nerves. There it into tablets and powders. One teaspoon of powdered milk or juice (maybe in water, but tasteless) corresponds to ten pills, and ten pills almost match the calcium contained in 1/4 liter of milk. If you are exposed to stress (and who is protected nowadays) take at least 10 tablets a day (or a teaspoon of powder dissolved in liquid). Dolomite is a wonderful natural tranquilizer. It is vital for older people, who often do not get enough calcium and the bones become fragile and porous. The product will not only strengthen bones and prevent them from breaking, but it will calm down and shattered nerves.

Once you realize your body and you listen to its signals will respond more successfully to their needs, you will know what to give and what to do without it. And you know its nature and you begin your body really feels tight, will better illustrate and mental and emotional selves. This is the basis of happiness because when you actually know yourself, you can get rid of the negative phenomena and to cultivate positive. Then you’ll start to like it and your life will become more exciting and more enjoyable.

Vitamins are not dieting, they are a way of life. They become in everyday habit like brushing your teeth. Everything you put into your body, itself a cause and generate a corresponding effect – sometimes it will be immediate (the disappearance of headaches, heartburn, buds) and another time – long (as in trauma, ulcer or heart attack) . But if abusing beautiful body (it will be truly such when cared for it), then you can not blame if you start to decline.

Best of all, it’s never too late to change. Even if you have made ​​mistakes for years, now you can start a new lifestyle that will help you become healthier and happier.

What follows: practice follows… 😉следва: ами практика следва… 😉

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