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Seven stages of body pollution

Seven stages of body pollution


In one’s life, the man goes through seven stages of body pollution, accumulating preconditions for thousands of diseases in it. This can happen at any age and at different times. Or maybe try to avoid it and if you want to know how, sign up now at our Health Academy – Galanto – starting soon!


The man is visibly healthy. No diseases were found. He just feels total fatigue. This is the first sign of the onset of contamination and buildup in the nerve ducts. The expression of this can be osteochondrosis of the neck and spine.


Headache, joint pain and muscle pain are added to the fatigue. This is a condition after which diseases related to excessive use of sugar, sweets and other simple carbohydrates are recorded very soon. The body is replete with foods that, in principle, even if they are not harmful, are not suitable for the individual and his lifestyle.


Occurrence of various allergic reactions. Natural desire of the contaminated body to throw away the trash from itself. Stimulants can be the huge variety of allergens that surround us – pollen, house dust, animal hair, medicines, etc., but the real reason is rooted in malnutrition somewhere.

As soon as the body is overstretched, coughs can develop, asthma develops, mucus, phlegm, skin and hair changes, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, etc. occur. Women have gynecological disorders in the form of various secrets. All this indicates malnutrition, extremely excessive consumption of meat, eggs, flour in combination with alcohol or malnutrition.

Stage three also includes nighttime urination, which has recently become more common in children. In such cases, particular attention should be paid to the nutrition of the child before further contamination with medication.


It manifests itself as various diseases of stagnation such as cysts, fibromyomas, papillomas, polyps and more. adenomas, thrombophlebitis, tumors, etc. as well as fat deposits.

The appearance of papillomas on the human body signals the appearance of polyps in one or another part of the intestine. The need for detox and emergency measures for a balanced diet is obvious.


It is accompanied by diseases related to deformation of the connective tissue of the organs. Such are rheumatism and polyarthritis and the like, in which uric acid, a product of poor absorption of protein by the body, accumulates in the joints and muscles.


This stage of body contamination is expressed in biochemical layers of the nerve ducts so that signaling becomes impossible. Paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, etc. occur.


This is the last stage of body contamination associated with irreversible diseases and the breakdown of cells and organs and cancer.

Cancer is nature’s revenge for eating improperly. Cancer is already a condition in which the anticancer protection provided by the fermentation capabilities of the colon is lacking and the pathological cells form and grow unobstructed.

From „Macrobiotics – The Technique of Big Life“ (Japanese).

I do not want to depress anyone unnecessarily, so I have saved most of the diseases that each stage leads to.

Everyone is free to decide for themselves what to do with their bodies.

It is good to know that today is a great time to take steps to clear it so that its body can cope with potentially bigger problems on its own.

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