Rooster Stew

Rules on a cock making (spiritual communication) 13 hens. He is obliged to care for their comfort, to keep them from below pore block, snake, fox, dog mutt, accustomed to eating chicken, pig ferocious bird dog. Should not be falling for the hostess because jealousy hens negatively affects laying eggs.

The stew is a meal of the poor, as many piece melts into it, and one by fall out with such a stew raises culinary and envy in the poor.

The rooster is cut into portions: ham, capula, wing dig, breast, back, rump. Drop in pot 1 packet of butter and fry the meat. While fry, peeled 7 medium onions, cut them into slices when the meat is golden – toss the onions in the pan. Add 1/2 kg grated tomatoes or canned tomatoes. Remember pepper 5-6 grains, herbs and pepper (if you have no suffering from ulcer home!). Meat begins to stew and the same does not happen to you – refresh it with two yuzcheta red wine. Poke the meat with a fork and if it was tender and the sauce is reduced – top up with hot water. Finally (5 minutes before it slipped from the stove), bake until brown one tablespoon flour, hazy it with a little cold water and add to stew.

If the rooster was cheerful, his company do with white wine if it was punk – red.

Tsanyo Sarnev