Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Black Magic

Removing magics

My advice is to not try.

Do not do this yourself at home!

There’s people with appropriate gifts and abilities that will do this for you.

It seems simple, but it is incomprehensible and very hard to find spells. Even if you find them, look for the right person. He will break them, they will talk things and will give them to dispose of them in running water, will send you a bunch more instructions on what to do yourself.

To whom shall I go? What’s hard for me to say, not to sound like an advertisement. In any case, be careful not to come across a charlatan who will just take your money and will do nothing.

Have not happened to me (knock on wood), but my work done until now two: Tsvetanka Geneva and one imam from Razhevo Konare (now sometimes works in Sofia, in a house near the Central railway station, but I can not tell you and when at work here).

Good luck!


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