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Questions about SKIN

Questions about SKIN

Questions about SKIN

One of the questions most often asked me about our cosmetics is: “”What first we use – scrub or clay mask?””

The question is understandable, because both products have not numbers and they are not used every day.

Equally logical is the answer to this question: “”We used to first scrub. Needless to “”nurture”” dead cells which less after then they will exfoliated.””

Understandable is the question, if we want to use moisturizing eye cream and firming eye gel simultaneously. Both have №4. Moisturizing is night and his strength is in the feeding and hydration of the skin. Firming is living and his strength is in gentle stretching of the skin, apparently by its name. It is not wrong to use both, though perhaps not quite as effective – most nourishing skin requires night. But if we do, then we use the first moisturizing, wait about ten minutes to soak well and then – clamping.

For more information it is best to visit one of our club organized Cosmetic Parties – participation is free and you will have the opportunity in a fun way to learn many of the details in cosmetics.

Our cosmetics is beautiful for men, too – you do not ignore them, and they are also welcome to Cosmetic Party. You can bring unexpected pluses that you will find “”on the spot””.

Another opportunity we offer you is to sign up for our online challenge for Herbalife cosmetics on the online training site Galanto Online Club.


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