Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Poster Exhibition

Poster Exhibition

Poster Exhibition

In newspaper “Borba”, 1970

In honor of the great anniversary

Yesterday at the salon of UBA opened district poster exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Lenin. This first-ever event is an initiative of the poster from the Veliko Tarnovo group of artists.

Various subjects related to personality and the anniversary of the birth of Lenin, subject to the attention of artists . Competent jury has determined the following prizes: First – Hristo Ivanov poster “The thought of the century”, Second – Grigor Spiridonov for “1870-1970”, Third – Marcello Karadjov poster for “Lenin – 1917” . Angel Botev – for “Electricity” and collectively as Hristo Ivanov and Spiridon Borisov “Lenin and Bulgaria.” Incentives received Georgi Uzunov ” Lenin – 1870-1970.”

The exhibition is a new, successful manifestation of artists dedicated to the great man.

Борба - Плакатна изложба

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