An antique singing on the barbecue

What we know about the pig? Nothing! Besides catching worms and at Christmas there is something going on beyond repair. What caused the extraordinary popularity of so ordinary and familiar our pet mentioned frequently about the January holidays?


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Pigs really can only grunt, but scientists have found that getting along with at least 26 different sound. Pigs live in monogamy. Rather, boars are trying to establish a harem and like people fiercely defend it against any rival male. Once you pass the time of love , Lord retired from the noisy family life to recover. Rearing is the job of the mother.

Ancient understand that fever is not just to supply meat. Herodotus reported that in Egypt they used pig threshing even sowing. Sharp hooves of the animals pressed the seeds into the ground. In the Middle Ages, the English peasants boars trained as mounts and go with them to market. Other harnessed properly cleaned pigs to his carriage when they visit their neighbors. For centuries, French gastronomy using highly developed sense of smell of the animals to their smell truffles. Because no danger themselves to eat the precious mushrooms, bound their muzzles.

Pig significant role in mythology. In India boar is a symbol of the morning sun.

Greeks and Romans these animals represent fertility and carnal delight.

Relationship of man to bristly is dual. This duality has existed since the ancient Greeks. Circe turned the companions of Odysseus into pigs and so humiliates them. But when Odysseus returns home, “the divine swineherd” treats it with roast pork.

When trying to train them, pigs act as spouses – disinterested, lazy, distracted…

When maltreat become very “nervous” and threatens to get stomach ulcers…

Checkout roasted pig

Checkout roasted pig


Do not rush to the conclusion that the Turks do not eat pork and that this kebab is made only from sheep and beef.

Buy their own meat without bones – 1 kg, 4 tomatoes, 200 g mushrooms (white wine must have at home) , parsley, pepper, salt.

If the meat has skins – remove them. Cut it into thin slices. Do not knock them, crush them gently with his hand. Cut 4 onions into slices and rub with hands.

Grab your favorite saucepan, sprinkle the bottom with onions over it order the meat, sprinkle with salt and pepper, onion again and so on until run out of material. Put the pan in the refrigerator and forget about it for 24 hours.

Removing the meat, onion and shake bake very little (as bake caterpillar!) .

Cut the meat into strips (julienne). Other 200g onions smothered in oil with mushrooms. Do you begrudge 100g wine – add it with the tomatoes . Prituri salt and pepper. Cook no more than 10 minutes on low heat.

Open the lid and tears. Did you do this?

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Not be picked so that the bird can have nothing to bite on them. Nice meaty ribs – 1 kg. Divide them into portions and sprinkle them with salt and pepper. Fry them in heated oil, drink half a beer and pour the rest into the pan. So you steam for 1 hour. Removing ribs express in lemon and 1 orange, add 3 tablespoons honey, 1/2 liter of water, 1 tablespoon flour and 1 tablespoon oil. Boil for 10 minutes. Back ribs.

Eat warm, in a suitable female company because honey will soon spurt…

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I’ve heard erudite in the field of linguistics to say: “The pig was aged” whole roast.” This immediately act on the pancreas and he began to “throw” a freshly renovated Kof pump. Bloodthirsty puddle in your stomach calms down once the pig is put on the table and olive in his butt looks sad as “widow whose fence has fallen.”

Checkout roasted pig

Checkout roasted pig

If you car home, you must, before you gutted it, put it in hot water (not boiling) and there is a nice little pig to sit 10 minutes. Removing it, throw it on the table outside in the yard and began “plucked off.” Pluck tool is a cone of tin and plucked her hair. If you have no pluck tool you could use dull knife to cut him. No shaving, plucking! So prepare and swine for bacon.

As artists I’ve seen , everyone prepares differently.

An old butcher, I trust (140 kg curb weight measured on fasting) first started a fire in it and worm stone, big and round as volleyball. When the stone starts to crackle, you puts it in the belly of the pig and started to roll around the entire interior. Explains this number so: “Every young and stand at least one day slaughtered animal causes eating disorder. If you do not mine is this stone, many consumers with weak stomachs would “disrupt” the feast.” Then pry his tallow (internal mass) and bake at a very slow oven, other Leo (15 years chef in Sunny Beach) salted it inside and out and puts it in a strong oven. So he first production appearance – red like cherry, then “easy up” oven and bake it for 4 hours.

Third pig smeared with plenty of lard, put in his belly liter bottle half full of red wine and so it bakes moderate oven.

Fourth Salt it inside and out, then rub with paprika and ground bay leaf, makes his “bed” made ​​of vines on the bottom of the pan, pour 1/2 liters of salted water and cook on medium oven, as it continually watered sauce, which expires at the tray. Bake it for 2 hours.

So far the conclusion is that the methods for baking more than piglets. But not worth the pig to roast on an empty stomach. It is better to fill .

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It is filled with everything that likes to “drink” mass that thoroughly removed by baking, and that is: sauerkraut, rice, part of his own offal and beans.

Checkout roasted pig

Checkout roasted pig

I read somewhere that the best stuffing for roast pig is as follows: pig put turkey in turkey rabbit to rabbit pheasant, partridge in phase… all low oven.


Remove the stalk of a sour cabbage, take a knife in the house and cabbage make pipe tobacco. Cut strips of bacon, fry it till its release the fat, add the cabbage, which are crushed 1 garlic clove. Cabbage likes pepper and bay leaf. Get them when you have already fried cabbage and you took it in the belly of the pig. Sew and bake. If you miss the needle and spool – you know where to look.


Rice “drink” more than a camel – one to six in favor of water or “other”, which boil. 600 grams of rice is sufficient for filling their water calculate it yourself, but add to it 1 packet of butter. The rice is boiled 20 minutes of boiling, then combine it with salt and pepper, add to it 1/2 kg mushrooms, cut four from the hat, and the mixture full pig.


Tripe, heart and lung thrown into hot water in which all simmered vegetables you have on hand. When they are ready, remove them and chopped finely. In the same water, pour 1/2 kg beans and boil it to a degree when you take a spoon in and blow it out, its skin splits. Mix this yummy, salt with the pepper, savory and salt and then sewn into a pig… no red wine and haidouk songs if you’re offended roasted…

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Everyone knows how to make kebabs and when I try to chew them – stay with one tooth less best meat skewers of ham – no stings, no fat. But if you throw it directly on the grill, it becomes dry. So cut the meat into bit like Turkish delight pieces (in wholesale dry harder!)  and pour the vinegar 100 g and 300 g milk. Let the jar sit so 12 hours. During this time he rips cells vinegar and milk makes it juicy.

Guess walnut leaves is to make of kebab stuffed. On one side of the “bit like Turkish delight pieces” put a piece of pepper, the other two scales onions. Not salts are sprinkled with pepper, wrapped like stuffed cabbage and prick of the spit . This magic wants zest. Bake while walnut leaves burn and fall if not fallen, clean it carefully slipped out spit in an earthen vessel and salt it. Look at how viciously you observe your own dog…

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You already know how to take and how to prepare the meat. Furthermore it is even easier. Peppers is red pepper, gutted and cut in two by the waist. And snapped on one side, as you would cut the wedding ring of your long heel toe. In the middle of each “bit like Turkish delight pieces” stuck quarter clove of peeled garlic. Flesh turn in the pepper (it will break, but it does not bother you), it is important to be with the shell to meat. Why? Because when you put this on a skewer embers, skins burns first and take that meat sweet and tasty smoke. Salt and pepper sprinkles after iznizhete spit.

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There is no better than the door. Discard the bone does not hinder you – it will make a soup. Steak does not like iron, and if you are a mallet, smashing her gently with his hand. About gourmet – steak should lie down with spices. The bottom of the pan sprinkle sliced ​​onions. Salt the steak, sprinkle a little pepper and allspice and piecing the bottom. Sprinkles and little sugar. Sprinkle onions, other 10 drops of red wine (for each steak) and so on until you run out the door. So loaded bomb glutton place in the refrigerator overnight. If necessary, put in front of the refrigerator Europe-made mamba to make sure that the next day will have something to put on the grill. Burning fire shook steaks onion and zest until you strung them on a skewer (like Roast a kid) and keep them smoke for half an hour then throw them on the coals and forget that somewhere there hungry…

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And to bake them – still dry. They want the pan and oil. Of course, you can also bake them, but then have to tear and stewed with a little wine or grated tomato, but it does a dish. Their juiciness is retained when the panel. Panetta – a lot. Select this Oval them in flour mixed with pepper, then in beaten egg and then the egg in grated cheese. Oil. Sandwiching them in a pot or anything. Panels will fall. Loin loves oudoor or as one writer said: “Male binge outdoors.”

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Checkout roasted pig

Checkout roasted pig