Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov

One Minute Manager

(quotes from a priceless book)

Image – the symbol of the One Minute Manager.

Take a minute to read a few sentences.

I advise you to read the entire book, but try to keep some time even the conclusions that I have written here and enjoy the positive feeling:


When people feel good, they achieved good results.


Minute setting goals:

  • To refine your goals. To think about what the right course of action. Write each of your goals on a separate sheet of paper, using no more than 250 words. Read and reread the writing for any purpose; It will only take a minute every time you do it. To spend one minute of your day to evaluate their actions.
  • To evaluate the compliance of your behavior on your goal.


Help people to discover their full potential.


Grab people when they do something well.


Minute commendable act better when:

  • Tell people at the outset that their work will always be evaluated. Praising people as soon as they earn it. Tell people what they do well – be accurate. Tell people how satisfied are you with what they do well and how it helps the company and their colleagues. Remained silent for a moment, to give them the opportunity to feel the drums satisfaction. Encourage them to continue to operate the same way.
  • Shake hands or touch people – they must clearly understand that you support their success in the company.


Minute censure acts best when:

  • Advance in the clearest way to tell people that you are going to evaluate their work.

The first half of the censure:

  • Shaming people immediately after the error. Tell people specifically what wrong. Tell them clearly how you feel when they are wrong.
  • Paused for a few seconds they to feel how you feel.

The second half of the censure:

  • Squeeze their hand or touch them in such a way that they understand that you are sincere in their country. Remind them how much you value them. Confirm once more that you have a very good opinion about them, but not for their actions in a particular situation.
  • Remember that when the reprimand is over, it really is over.


My best used minutes is what I have invested in people.


Anyone can win.


Some people pretend to be losers – do not let this fool you.


Take one minute:

  • Review your goals; review your activities;
  • See if your behavior matches your goals.


We are not only our behavior – we are the ones who manage it.

Objectives determine the behavior, the results support it.

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