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Ode to The Bulgarian Woman

Ode to The Bulgarian Woman

Ode to The Bulgarian Woman

About woman wrote poets, writers …. ordinary people who love …

Neither I, nor have I intended to upstage them.

Only express my admiration. And not just because coming March 8 – let’s do it all the time!


The woman who succeeds

  • to work;
  • dragging bags with purchases;
  • cooking, washing and ironing;
  • to rotate the whole household;
  • to run on problems of children;
  • and whatnot …За жената са писали поети, писатели….обикновени хора, които обичат…

and all care and pain manages to be beautiful and gentle to us men … who often fail to recognize their efforts and endeavors.

Place a foreigner woman under the same conditions. That she would not survive a week …

How many Bulgarian women can boast that they have no problem buying a good (and of course expensive) cosmetics?

Have you ever admitting how deprivation has cost them to buy a fine and gentle erotic lingerie? Some might only dream of such …

Do you know how much tights that carry and what they cost such a simple seemingly almost daily purchase?

Do you know what the price of their smile?

Hardly ….

And yet manage to be beautiful and charming for us …

Smile, even when they hurt …

And we men?

Did you notice this?

We appreciate it?

So little needs a man to be happy. A gesture of attention. A flower, a gift without case (the case is a must), a kind word … a small gift. … a smile … a compliment …. a grateful look even … and it means a lot ….

Make sure to have at least 1-2 hours a day just for yourself … dealing with children, bring them somewhere …. cancel it into housework …

(not at all the case here for repair, start or promise a few years ago 😉

Let’s do not deny it!

Bulgarian woman is a great – and mother and wife and a mistress.

Let’s love and respect with all my heart and soul!

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