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Nuclear explosions for blondes

Nuclear explosions for blondes

Nuclear explosions for blondes

I infinity respect all my friends, acquaintances, guests. To not look like a “blonde” (and they you’re not, at least not in the joking sense of the word 😉 – please, read these few lines.

No offense at all, please … just read it with understanding …

Men also – do not think they are immune to errors.

It happens man wrong. Quickly press a button without thinking. Do not pay attention. So I personally do not feel angry or change my attitude towards you. But not all of your correspondents are so willing …

But will certainly look into the eyes of others a lot better if you do not do shit if you meditate before you do anything. Even on the Internet. Nothing here is difficult to conceive. Especially men ;-).

Some time “go” from the ICQ network a message with URL:


URL’s description: izprati tova na vsichki vkliuchitelno i men i shte poluchime ICQ GOLD. Otidi na FORWARD.”

The example is for ICQ, but is relevant to any other messenger.

And most of you quick to press the tab “FORWARD”, select all of your list and start the great folly …

Well, there are smart people who visited the page, I saw that no one did not pay attention to this message. Or others, whether because of intelligence or self-doubt, do not “go” anywhere but straight “click the cross at the top right ‘… ie -” Shatt dick head ” 😉 – delete the message (the letter ).

Would you smart people, but have you considered what you do? Have you seen this page? They ICQ-owners have already done so (until recently did not even have) a reference to an existing (for downloadable ICQ Lite), to use the influx.

Jews generally have smart people … they have found benefit from our shenanigans and a Bulgarian inconsiderateness other ….;-) will not go easy …

Such messages are not tracked from yesterday and today, and children were saved in this way (playing with his compassion for people) and ICQ-it is getting free (or paid !!! – even those I received …;-), but people do not read at all and refer you refer you refer …;-)

Besides, what is the meaning of this reference, except jam the communication channels? Cause is relayed as a nuclear blast … even if you only have 100 correspondent in the list, they cent (10 000 references are), they are 100 (one million), etc … only three people and now one million “buckets of trash” …

Well, some them lazy …;-)

That’s two most interesting site was crawling with these chain letters and messages (unfortunately they aren’t in Bulgarian):

Here you will see all sorts of options. But I do not read them, just

consider the following:

– If there is a URL, Does it true? Or the text description? Before you go to check out, it’s nice to save all his prior work – you may have to restart the computer to clean from viruses or anything else (well, not from the dust monitor;-) or at least not as a result of this URL ). This is sometimes understood by itself address – which you would go to address 😉 – no one would admit it;

– Judge not there a danger as forward this message to distribute viruses;

– What is the benefit and harm of such messages? Perhaps marketing? But why do you “spend” to make this for someone and wasting your valuable time for free? And provided that the damage can be very large?

– Read the message. In this case, the text is a Bulgarian joker decided to check you have enough blondes in the world 😉 and earn foreign company (and if she wins this thing). The text may be calling you anything – to save the life of a sick child (is this reference will help?) To maintain free or messenger or other more or less impossible, stupid or God knows what;

– Think about it this way consciously or unconsciously distribute SPAM (junk mail) already in many countries has jurisdiction and indictable offense;

– Think about that so much “feel better” in the eyes of your correspondents … they think “Well if that person has checked what I sent you? What if I “screwed” computer? If you lose a file on which I worked (a) so long? You better to delete it and now this man to accept everything with one thing in mind … and dissenting opinion “… or” Ha-ha-ha … I watched her this is what “blonde”. .. How can you believe such a stupid text? “or … but guess I do not make sense to recite more cases … Here, in the example of the one who sent the text immediately becomes clear how many blondes in his list (you wrote message to be sent, “including me” ;-);

– If such a letter, often make you join the “list of Fools” at the back or at the front;-);

– These days it is fashionable to Facebook to try your curiosity as you first make love or share something before you even saw him. And have you considered what might be behind the button “Like” or “Share”? You can delete the table information from your computer. For example. But they often do not want that. Prefer to distribute the same “lollipop” all the friends on your list. And that it leads – you reveal how you are curious, porn kakav fan of you or something else that would be better to keep it for you …

– Never forget that the light color hair you automatically set as “blonde” (blonde) ;-), and your words and behavior … sometimes enough just to keep quiet so as not to get caught ;-).

Think always … even here. And do not expose …

Good Luck!



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