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New Year Around the World

New Year Around the World

New Year Around the World


This New Year occurs at the hottest time of the year and was met with “Water Festival”. Through the streets of towns and villages in meeting people flooded each other with water from other vessels. When no one is angry, as this is a kind of wetting wishes for happiness in the New Year. Besides his is nice in the heat.


Along with the many known to us all traditions will mention a few forgotten – whereby for three minutes off the light. These minutes are called minutes for Christmas kisses, the secret that kept the darkness.


This New Year is celebrated at night. As the gloom sparked fires in parks, gardens and streets. End fires collected several families. Prepare a variety of treats from rice. Tonight forget all quarrels, forgive all offenses.


Table must have walnuts, lentils and grapes – a symbol of health, longevity, prosperity.

Cuba, Spain, Portugal

Here and in many other countries grapes are considered a symbol of abundance, happy and healthy family. With each of the twelve strokes of the clock on New Year’s night of eating grape – twelve grains twelve desired for each month.

In Cuba, on the eve of New Year filled jugs of water, and when the clock “hit” twelve hours that water splashed through an open window as a sign that the old year ends and a happy new year be as clear and clean the water.


New Year coincides with the feast of livestock and thus are typical sporting events, check out the agility and courage. Here, as European nations Mongols met the New Year around the tree at midnight. And with them comes Santa Claus, but clothing keeper.


In Polish families accepted the New Year table contains twelve meatless dishes like these necessarily includes fish, mushroom soup or borsch, barley porridge with prunes vareniks and chocolate cake for dessert.


At Christmas pies is customary to hide tiny surprises – coins, porcelain figurines, pieces of hot pepper. If you find porcelain wheel; old belief, the new year will bring you much happiness. And if you come across a hot pepper? It’s just fun company, and you’re eating something “kill” pungent.


Tibetan hosts bake before the New Year many pasta (something like pies, cakes) with the different filling, then hand them out – the more you give away, the richer you become.


The French can not imagine New Year’s table without traditional roast turkey.

Hungary and Austria

Here is the back of the French – believes that eating bird of the day should not – will fly away from home forever happiness.


The Japanese have their own set of “happy” products – sea cabbage gives with joy, roasted chestnuts – with success at work, peas and beans – health, boiled fish – with serenity and cheerfulness of the spirit of herring caviar – happy family and many children.

Morning of January 1 all the inhabitants of towns and villages took to the streets to welcome the sunrise greeting with the New Year and exchanging gifts.


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