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Metodology to find the location of an indoor antenna for digital TV

Methodology to find the location of an indoor antenna for digital TV

Metodology to find the location of an indoor antenna for “digital” TV

Instead of introduction

Well … I told the teacher Nikola Lazarov from that school that is located at the intersection of the streets “Shipka” and “Brothers Evlogy and Hristo Georgiev” – “the spread of FM is God’s work”.

Why do God’s work ? Because ideally under direct vision communication ( reception ) was released , and in the presence of obstacles to accept interference waves. Interferential (superimposed) waves are complex in terms of signal intensity, which are characterized by pronounced minima and maxima in the space caused by the different lengths of the path for diffusion of the reflected signals arrive at the point of reception of the superimposition of the relative layers (maximum signal) or antiphase (almost no signal). Due to the complexity of the obstacles (available for blocks of flats, hills, etc.) does not always signal the logic of minimum – maximum relative distance of one wavelength that as an example of the 40th channel of 626 MHz is about 48 cm signal can “appear” on the meter, two or more and at the most unexpected place for you.

Антени на чичо Светльо
Uncle Svetlyo Antenas


1. Unattended on the TV spot of the antenna are not looking (refer him to you).

2. If in automatic search programs do not go:

2.1. Go in search mode (scanning) of the channel. Mode for most receivers on the menu under “Auto Search”. Need to know about your area broadcast channels as the number corresponding to the frequency. For Sofia and surroundings are broadcast on channels 23 , 40, 52 and 64th.

2.2. Replace the channel number that you know that is broadcast for the area. If you do not know them, they are on the site (page)

2.3. Start slowly move the antenna around the places where you have defined (your wife has identified) that can stand. Not only one side, but also up and down – a signal may appear on the floor. Monitor the level and quality of the signal of this channel to find a maximum readings. Practice shows that the signal appears on the site to the internal window sill and at 10 cm height of it, or when placed on the windowsill antenna, the signal level was in desperate zeros as strength and quality. This happened in the village of Bistrica – Sofia, where almost no one is watching digital terrestrial TV.

2.4. Make such inspection and other channels.

2.5. Find a compromise position of the antenna for all channels. Found that even when they move to 1-2 cm of the antenna may lose a channel or be taken with “hacking”. I personally find such a fun place to have lost me over 2 hours to obtain a result “bravo”. Do not rush and do not despair. For five or ten minutes can “do” anything but and finding antenna in “bad” signal.

If you do not received after this method even with an antenna made ​​of writing this reading (see photo and interest to contact him) , do not rush to buy a large external antennas. They are amplified and directed to 1-2 channels (frequencies), but not all broadcast. Moreover, it also applies now to find the right place (see the interference waves) and then in the general case is determined not by you (working – corrupted stack, a pole , etc., so that you will not be drill the tiles in the middle of the roof, right?). And in the line of sight does not need these tricks. With “my” antenna from Ovcha Kupel district the calm without amplifier accept the 41st and 57th channels (BTV ‘s and BNT‘s – nine programs) emitted by Botev Peak, which is about 140 km.

God’s work. Anyway … we know that even the cable and satellite operators children eat!

Svetoslav Stoyanov, LZ5UG


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