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Manipulate, but correct: The eighth law of the manipulation

Manipulate, but correct: The third law of the manipulation

Manipulate, but correct: The third law of the manipulation

selected from the book by Joseph Kirschner

You could sell a man everything or almost everything. The condition is to offer him a suitable container.

Package is most impressive when promises satisfaction of a need or solve a problem. In most cases, it is irrelevant whether the promise will be kept.

It is crucial to what extent the content will strengthen the hope of the promise of solving the problem.

Packaging and content are not the same thing.

The third law of the manipulation actually means the following: “Do not sell just one of a suit. Sell ​​him the satisfaction of the need to keep up with fashion, which will bring him the recognition of others. No matter whether people admired – it is enough to impress it so hard that he can believe. ”

Why not lure trout anglers with cake as they themselves love cake?

One easily comes to believe in what he wants to believe.

Nobody would think of our benefit, as it is to its detriment. So in the comprehensive game of manipulation only we ourselves can defend their interests.

Key features of the individual as a part of the human weight:

  • Anonymous – individual mode of behavior is lost under the influence of passion;
  • Impulsivity – a place of understanding the feelings come and impulses;
  • Loss of intelligence – the intelligence of the group is below the level of the individuals who constitute it;
  • Neglect of personal responsibility – the individual may be involved in activities that alone would never have otherwise done.


  • Open the package and check the actual fair value of the content;
  • Clarify their true needs and determine their own desires associated with them;
  • Learn to pack so its benefit your opponent in manipulative game to see in it the fulfillment of our needs.


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