Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Manipulate, but correct: The eighth law of the manipulation

Manipulate, but correct: The sixth law of the manipulation

Manipulate, but correct: The sixth law of the manipulation

selected from the book by Joseph Kirschner

Every decision we make and every action in some way influenced by fear.

Anxiety following three ideas determine the highest degree our behavior and are therefore starting points of each manipulative game:

  • Fear not lose acquired – creates dependence someone something – his first pass it, then drive it to get used to it so that it is ready for the greatest sacrifices to not be deprived of it;
  • Fear of the unknown – can grow uncontrollably;
  • Fear of reality – alternatives him escape and dealing with the problem.

An efficient method to avoid manipulation by fear is the rationalization of fear.

Many heroes only because they fear stigma.

There are three crucial steps that we can overcome any fear and prevent others from using it:

  • We set ourselves the question: “What really scared and why?”
  • Once we have clarified the reason we continue to ask, “What’s the worst that can happen if it becomes what most afraid of?”
  • Get a clear decision on whether we want to take the risk or not. If it is positive, do everything possible to prevent the worst.

The method of using the sense of fear is just as simple and is also composed of three steps:

  • We assess the opponent and find his weak areas.
  • Hinted his accurate way of any danger that might threaten him and he does not know a solution. It can be real, but at the same time, unclear.
  • Offer him a solution how to avoid real or apparent danger, which released him from fear and profitable for you.


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