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Manipulate, but correct: The eighth law of the manipulation

Manipulate, but correct: The second law of the manipulation

Manipulate, but correct: The second law of the manipulation

selected from the book by Joseph Kirschner

Which fails to attract the attention of others, do not expect that someone will listen. Who did so to hear there is no chance to have and affect others in their interest.

The crucial step of waiting for action – the decision to get rid of passivity and to proceed to action. To take the risk. To act rather than wait, as usual.

Attract attention to themselves by themselves do something instead of waiting for others to do something for us.

The second law of the manipulation says: If you want to pay attention, you must do the step of waiting for action.

How to enter the restaurant?

  • You enter the restaurant. Rather than sit down, immediately search for a contact with the waiter. Do not wait and go to him and ask where there is a suitable weight for you. If you go looking for a table, you go after it. One thing is important: do not wait, then opponents toe. It should not slip away before your desire is fulfilled. Some masters of manipulation approve only the second or third table.
  • The waiter brings the menu. Rather than let it disappear again, it immediately drawn into conversation. Ecstasy offer appropriate meals, ask him for the specialty of the house. Better make him show you the menu from top to bottom than to give him a chance to withdraw. Pay attention to the qualities of a connoisseur.
  • Order. In this phase of confrontation you already have so much to have won the waiter that they can not deny you lightly desire.

Six particularly successful method of attracting attention from others:

1 Do the opposite of what is expected of you.

  • If someone criticizes you, do not rush to protect. Better say: “Yes, certainly you are right. But explain to me in detail how you came to that conclusion, maybe I can learn something. “
  • If you disagree with someone’s actions did not directly say: “This is bullshit. This is not like that. “Say this:” You drew the best of the situation. In one respect, perhaps not getting optimal results. “
  • If you make a mistake yourself, do not try to pretend not to notice. Admit openly and even exaggerated a bit, while the other says, “Well, it’s not so bad.”

Must earn opponent with its originality.

2 Targeted flattery.

Here are some ideas:

  • Tell someone completely unreasonable and unexpected that today looks beautiful.
  • Serve a woman flowers when she least expects it.
  • Tell your boss that is the best and are happy to work for him.
  • Tell someone frowning clerk behind the counter that I envy him for thick hair.

3 Purposeful provocation.

Some basic considerations that are important for understanding the relationships:

  • You pursue a purpose and you want to convince someone you’re right.
  • If you want to achieve the goal, should not be left to chance, take their own initiative.
  • Ask yourself: What opponents should draw assistance in achieving my goal?
  • If the opponents are many first address this, whose help you need in the first stage of your path to the goal.
  • Your first step is to attract his attention.
  • Ask yourself: Which method to apply? Your decision depends on a number of assumptions. They are:
    • Personality of the opponent
    • The situation of the collision
    • Positions your own

4 Awareness.

Takes a bit of preparation outside the usual frameworks – gathering information about the enemy. Presumably timely study of the enemy, if it takes a long time before proceeding to the confrontation. Benefit can be any information about:

  • Date of birth, horoscope and children;
  • Special preferences;
  • Personal and professional development;
  • Belonging to groups;
  • The circle of acquaintances;
  • Family.

5 Circuitous method.

There are cases where it is necessary to get to a person who is unattainable in a direct way.

First phase:

To choose one of many possibilities.

Place the period. By testing different ways.

Second phase:

To decide how to win your opponent in your first meeting.

Required to include other people or media.

6 Method of not-falling-doll.

Try until you get results.

Attempts do not count important is the final result.

We must be prepared in advance, it is possible and failure.

A failure is not defeat. It only shows us where we are wrong to not allow the same mistake next time.

There’s always another way – by us and only to us, whether you pass or will continue.

No sense to attempt that does not lead to the goal.



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