Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Manipulate, but correct: The eighth law of the manipulation

Manipulate, but correct: The fourth law of manipulation

Manipulate, but correct: The fourth law of manipulation

selected from the book by Joseph Kirschner

Veracity of a statement increases as more consistent and convincing repeat it.

Distributing a statement claiming that its authenticity has been confirmed by others awakens need to integrate into the crowd, no matter how the credibility of others is indeed the truth.

Fourth Law states: “With the number of repetitions of a statement increases the perceived willingness to listen to the message. This effect increases if you multiply the number of consecutive repetitions. ”

In the same extent that step by step shaken opponent increases your own self-confidence.

Especially three commonly used options manipulative repetition of the message:

  • Stereotyped repetition – its strength lies in the unwavering persistence, which is served;
  • Quantitative multiplication – the more people repeat it, the more plausible it seems;
  • Quality enhancement – it depends on the authority of the people or the media to present.

Magnanimously to forgive the mistake of the opponent. However, there are many people who can skillfully take advantage of it.



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