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Manipulate, but correct: The eighth law of the manipulation

Manipulate, but correct: The first law of the manipulation

Manipulate, but correct: The first law of the manipulation

selected from the book by Joseph Kirschner

Manipulation is an essential element of human communication.

Manipulated on the day of his birth, we are trying to manipulate everyone and constantly in its own interest.

To impose their views, to convince others to be approved in a hostile world without letting you use to get your hands on anything you want to have – it requires to master the rules of purposeful interactions with others, which is connected to any success, and therefore – an essential part of our personal happiness.

Recently, the word “manipulation” has gained markedly negative connotation. Perceived as insidious tricks maliciously misleading, using more stupid, something dishonest, unauthorized and irresponsible.

Fear is one of the main reasons for our behavior.

“Anyone who opens his mouth to talk to someone, there is only one intention: he wants to manipulate it.” – Walter Paynkouk.

It is true that few manipulate others, but that’s because the rest just waiting to be manipulated and another to make decisions for them.

The first law of the manipulation

In the living room playing manipulation we face six major rivals, which have excellent to know:

  • Other sex;
  • All that hinder our progress and recognition;
  • Authority and all who invoke the authority;
  • The society in which we live;
  • Media;
  • Family.

If you want people talking about you, you should challenge them.

Do not leave to chance the impact that exercise on people and direct it consciously and purposefully.

Opponent №1 – opposite sex

Joint life of two people is under the sign of the continuous attempts of each to beat the other. Who is admitted, it will recognize the efforts of the other in this regard.

One of the many advantages of knowing the manipulative laws is the belief that the attack should not necessarily be responded with a counterattack, but as a gesture that without any violence to disarm the opponent.

Opponent №2 – all that hinder our progress

Among them are:

  • The person occupying the position to which we are aiming;
  • The person who independently of us strive for the same position;
  • The person who decides who will first make the next step up or that decisively can help us in this step.

It is not enough to be good. At least as it is necessary to recognize us as such.

Opponent №3 – the authorities and all who invoke the authority

Most deeply rooted in our thinking authorities are:

  • Father and mother;
  • The captain;
  • The stronger;
  • State and those who claim that he represent;
  • All sorts of specialists;
  • The majority;
  • Holders of titles.

Behind every man standing reputation with their thinking, desires and weaknesses. Therefore, also may be manipulated.

Opponent №4 – the society in which we live

Society is constantly trying to involve us in a circle:

  • Suggests us some sample behavioral cliché that is designated for the general and correctly.
  • Promises our reward if we act in accordance with the cliché. Promises us that others will admire if we behave according to the cliché.
  • Use us to convey to others that cliché is the right way of behavior, since we ourselves are influenced by others.

To us:

  • How will let us manipulate;
  • Do not leave just to manipulate us, and we can apply manipulative laws in their favor.

Opponent №5 – media

Five factors are important in the sale of any product:

  • To attract the attention of potential buyers
  • Specify one of the advantages that brings him or he may carry this product;
  • To prove this advantage;
  • To awaken the buyer need to make use of this advantage;
  • To encourage the buyer to act.

The seller does not care whether we need this product.

Between the product itself, between its properties between the descriptions of the media and its usefulness to us has always opposed.

Opponent №6 – family

Almost no difference between the way politicians manipulate their constituents, car companies – clients and parents – children or vice versa.



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