Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Manipulate, but correct: The eighth law of the manipulation

Manipulate, but correct: The fifth law of the manipulation

Manipulate, but correct: The fifth law of the manipulation

selected from the book by Joseph Kirschner

In its actions, most people are guided more by emotional attitudes than reasonable arguments.

Who can take advantage of such conditions in manipulative game, you have a higher chance determines the reactions of the opponent.

Who can critically distanced himself from his feelings, a circumstance, they should not be used to its detriment.

If you know the strength of feeling will look with different eyes to many things in life.

The fifth law can be summed up with the thought: “Find a single key to the feelings of the buyer and will save a hundred reasonable argument.”

Field of emotionally colored present value is a basic property of mutual manipulation.

We do not buy that which really need. We buy more to satisfy their emotional needs – to be what we want to be to others what we do not want ourselves to do or what we prescribe countrywide scale.

To combat the leading role of feelings and act wisely:

  • You have to ignore the usual distribution of roles in life, the best of themselves roles;
  • Announcement made before the woman that is not holding his manhood will leave her with no wind in the sails, it will not ever get any possibility you instill feelings of guilt, which used to their advantage;
  • The seller who wants to sell you something with the recommendation that it is the most modern in the moment can not manipulate you if he said I do not want to be fashionable and look for what fits your ideas and opportunities;
  • The provocation of the “do not be a coward” reply with “all the same whether you believe me or not, I’m a coward, and that conviction.”

Some helpful instructions on how to turn the emotional dependence on others to his advantage:

  • Fooled the enemy in their abilities;
  • Simulated modesty;
  • First flight – simulated confidence and authoritative, misleading enemy in subjects in which he does not understand anything, do not let the topics which feel safe, until you are sure that you receive the highest level of his admiration, and he thought honor as a favor to a man of genius like you.


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