Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Black Magic

Magics Not Forgive Unbelieving Authorities, too

One day our country came a young man – a naval officer – with his wife. Said it was one of the county town of the sea and seek my wife. I asked him where he learned it mumbled something apparently hiding informant. However invited them to enter. His wife, crying, said to have come over the three-year child, which was not well with health and despite treatment by specialist physicians is becoming worse. The disease was indeed serious. The child was observed mental regression forgetting some words, confusion and delayed thought distortion center of balance. The child often started to fall when walking, then immobilize. During the conversation again asked parents who directed them to my wife. The father then said that one of the doctors knew about it from the parents of another child. After treatment for my wife’s parents brought the child to the doctor for examination and he was interested in the results, knowing its previous state. The doctor warned our guests not to tell anyone that he directed them, especially the father of the young officer who was “responsible companion” in the county and had confidence only in traditional medicine.

Work out really complicated. Condition of the child was caused by magic made ​​against grandfather – do not believe in bullshit party companion. He was buried near his villa, which is located in a village close to the city. Childhood I spent a lot of time there in the summer and there namely not show the first symptoms of the disease.

We wondered what to do because we wanted to help the young family. The risk was high. If they fail, they would in any case get us out charlatans, although earlier efforts of doctors have been unsuccessful. From party bigwig could not hide because his parents lived in the villa. Finally, because of the tears of the mother, especially for children, we decided to go.

We agreed on what day it will happen. I told the young officer to tell his father and asked him to attend the removal of magic. Explicitly said that if his father is not there, you will go back and abandon the treatment of their child. I did so because I wanted necessarily grandfather is there and he personally dig the spell placed upon him.

On the day we went and to our surprise “great man” had forgotten about his beliefs and personally drove us together young spouses of his villa. He was not proud, but I do not know why I was angry with him. When the father of the sick child took the shovel to dig magic, I think it has to do grandfather. He, of course, did not hesitate, even though I warned him that he may become worse during excavation. I said that this is nonsense and grabbed the shovel from his son.

And in our craft God has many laws and regulations which, if not followed, can lead to tragic consequences. Grandfather did not wait to pronounce the spell before the digging of magic and stuck the shovel in the area shown hurrying to prove to us that we are dealing with nonsense. It became something I did not expect, and it became so because God sometimes hitting someone on the head infidel that he’ll remember for a lifetime. Grandfather drove angry shovel and swung until someone manages to catch him collapsed. We left everything, we made it inside the building, and while my wife tried to help him, I reckoned his relatives. After a few minutes, he regained consciousness and his first words were:

“- Gee, Mom his old man so many years I have worked so through my head, but it was not such a miracle happened to me.”

I took a shovel, dug the soil, putting it into a special container, we made it to the light and take a look, I explained what should be found. Grandfather stood aside, smoking cigarette after cigarette, not daring even closer to the mound of earth in which digging young wife.

Willing to see the found magic already and still ticking and wondered how it was possible that a piece of paper with Arabic characters written on it, it gatne the ground and make it a disgrace. I tried to explain how it works, and he banged his forehead and saying:

“- Gee, what miracles were of this world.”

We roared with laughter.

Child’s health started to improve even with the removal of the spell. Children organism most easily succumbs to the influence of black magic, but quickly recovered after its removal. Grandfather personally led grandchild for sessions while completely fine. Make sure in this world there are many signs that the communist ideology denied rejecting them in the strongest way, and were little and when haunted: bullied people to whom God had given a gift to help sufferers putting them under one umbrella with charlatans and crooks.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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