Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Black Magic

Magics for the Death of the Child and Family Separation

Young man – a Turk and his wife led the year-long child asking for help. They complained that the child more than two months barely eating anything, his sleep, especially at night, restless, accompanied by awakenings and stress. Then the child screamed torn apart by some pain and no one was able to calm him down. My wife, child and review the way asked, “Why do you quarrel with each other?”

Spouses exchanged glances, blushed and replied that they do not know what to make, but it really is – intolerance between them is growing every day.

Was found to have made ​​two spells – one for the death of the child and the other for the separation between the two. Soon after, we went with them to find where they put spells and destroy them.

I remember that for the child was placed in the trash mattress where he slept, and while both parents ripped him to discover the magic of my wife’s stomach ache lost consciousness. Came to him only after I gave her out of the room and the parents finally discovered the magic. It had put a little piece of soap, needle, small pieces of fabric cut from the child’s clothes and slip with handwritten Arabic text. The second magic – separation between the spouses – was buried under a tree in front of the house. It was a folded sheet of triangles with Arabic text that was placed fur from dogs and cats. I mentioned that almost always the one who has the gift after the magic ‘s open cut or tearing in a bowl of water. Under the spell, which called for the destruction of the energy embedded in magic, maybe her name or to describe the image of the one who ordered the spell. In this case it turned out that magic is made ​​by the ex-girlfriend of the father of the child, from the time before marriage. Failure to girl embittered by the fact that her boyfriend a family with another, decides to take revenge by means of black magic in the most cruel way. Young wife said she knew about her husband’s friendship with the girl, her friend from childhood. This has not prevented the friendship between the two and after marriage. Evil woman often come with them to visit, but there were cases when she did leave the child of his girlfriend to get some work done. Envious really had done a good job – it would cost a child’s life and the separation between the spouses.

After the few treatment sessions child completely fine, and young husbands began to live peacefully. Do not put more in your home malefactors, although young wife could not believe us that it is her childhood friend hurt her.

It had been a few months and they came back to say that they saw accidentally malefactors coat takes the child from the laundry to dry stretched wire near the fence and only then believed. The family remained grateful years after the event, did not forget the good that we did. Our fate is met with many people from Turkish descent. I am convinced that they are for life not forgetting the one who did their kindness. Unfortunately the same can not always be said for the Bulgarians-Christians.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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