Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Black Magic

Magics for the Death of the Brother Made from His Sister

One night we got to the apartment of an old acquaintance. In their home were not gone. This was our first visit. My friend told us that his wife is not well with the health and later asked my wife to review. We stood no more than half an hour when I started to feel that I feel sick. Me a headache, got me hot and wet with sweat, I started to feel sick. I could not stand, and without saying anything, went and threw up, splashed with cold water and back, trying not to betray that I was wrong. After a while my wife and I repeated what I had done and came back pale as a sheet. Our hosts looked worried and wondered what we become. We realized that our bad magic, placed in their home, but they could not face it.

Or had to go out of this house immediately or they reveal the reason why we are bad, and then start looking spells positioned ones. Although I was a guest at a friend I did not know whether, if I tell him the truth, he will think that something is wrong and I’m talking nonsense. If you go, we’d be offending them.

Anyway, we decided to go because of the home we wanted, we could not hide that we are not well. Then the woman said that she and whenever he’s home, he felt worse and both spouses began to say his odyssey. Suffering wife started a few years ago and during that time they traveled to many psychics and healers, but her condition did not improve.

Came to Vanga, even with the car in its desire leads her to a convent. Come to a psychic who told them that they have made ​​magic and it will break, but there was no relief from it. At the sick woman occurred depression and despair that no one can help her, and increasingly in the knowledge she flashed obsessed to end his life. They lived on the eighth floor, and she told how several times I decide to throw from the terrace, but by some chance it was not done. I had to stay and start looking spells positioned ones.

They really turned out to be many different purposes. To find them, I had to disassemble and move heavy sections and wardrobes throughout the house, which so messy that it seemed as if it had exploded a bomb. I remember a magic stay neizvadena because it was put behind lining the hallway and we agreed the next day the man and dismantled it, and after finding the magic to bring her here. Hostess during the search fell into a nervous breakdown and all the while repeating the same words: “My God, what have I done so bad, and punished me to agonize and suffer?”

For its pains and sufferings God had no guilt because they were caused by her malice and envy of her husband’s sister and if something was prevented us to respond to his invitation, surely not many time instead of guests would invite us funeral. After spells already been destroyed, the patient recovered. For a long time, however, could not say anything when he learned that wrongdoers is not any but a native sister of her husband. Was shocked by the hypocrisy of the villain. Once calmed down, began telling what attention and respect it met under her frequent visits. Then realized that spell death sister had made for his own brother and was put it in the house of their deceased parents in a nearby village, where no one lived. We went there immediately afterwards, open complex magic, buried to the base of the old house, whose sole heiress wanted to be greedy Property sister. Was estimated life of his own brother in the value of the house in which they were born and raised them.

Both spouses are alive and well today, and soon met unexpectedly. Had forgotten the suffering, but in the souls of both was left disappointed by the greed and hypocrisy of people because most suffering is caused by close person in whom you have believed sincerely and selflessly whom he respected.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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