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Black Magic

Magics for Sickness

Before coming to Sofia had good and friendly acquaintances among Turks who remember only the good, because I knew that when I need help, I will respond. Helped me always. Distance and time erased many memories and acquaintances, but I want to tell you about the trouble that had befallen the family of one of them, whom still visible, but increasingly rare because of the miles that separate us.

This guy build a new, spacious and comfortable home, ordered him according as his opportunities. Nothing was missing for a normal family life. With his wife had two children – a daughter and a son. Daughter had a family and lived in another city, and their son was polite, studious boy and not create problems.

With “apapina” (Turks say that a good friend) saw each other often. I went to his new home, but it was not long by applying them there, and his wife hurt. Since she was sick, avoid going with them, and her condition learned from it. Illness last long at home and in hospital, but the woman was getting worse. His friend knew that the diagnosis is a heart. After a serial of its discharge from the hospital, the man said that she was already very ill and expressed to me his doubts about the fatal end of which was very worried. I went to them, and because I had not seen his wife for a long time, I was surprised. Was weakened, with shadows under the eyes, pale and dropped. As we talked, came doctor, informed that the patient is ill again. The doctor, a young and intelligent man-Pomak, review basic patient came to us in the other room and said he was puzzled by her condition. He could not explain why worsens in hospital, at discharge it was in Okay. The conversation has revolved around a woman’s disease. I stayed no more than 30 minutes at home sick when I suddenly felt the presence of evil in this house and I realized that the state of the hostess is due solely to the influence of black magic. I will not recount in detail how it happened, but at this point I was absolutely certain that the patient can only help if you remove the influence of evil on it. Surely I was livid because the doctor looked at me, asked what I was worried and host. Something was chasing me in this house, as though something told me: “Go, get out of here, do not say anything.” I knew that evil always to be able to do its job done, makes it so that no one can decipher think, and try to prevent them. I went and splashed with cold water. Then I went back and sat against the doctor. I was not well, and I was angry that while he still wonders what her treatment administered, the patient would leave their children orphans. I asked him directly:

,, – Doctor, have you heard anything about black magic? ”

Man nothing was my fault, looked at me, puzzled by the question and calmly replied that he knew about the potential of the negative impact of distance per person on other people. Said that his grandfather was a Pomak imam and remember how many people came to him for treatment. The doctor did not know how to impact and influence of magic on the man, but he was inclined to believe that it exists. He asked me if I know anything more to do with the influence to tell him, especially to describe the symptoms, which is the negative influence of magic on the man and his health. Long talked about many things, but before we parted I told him that the health of the patient improved after hospitalized because decreases the influence of complex spells in her home. Back after the patient returns falls under their strong negative impact her health worsened again. I said that must be removed magic – the only reason for the hostess disease. Not explained to him that this is possible, but do not know what made ​​me tell him that after about two months of patients, the disease will be just a memory. I am not a supporter of strong stories, especially those without coverage, but perhaps my strong desire to help me to be convinced that what I say will necessarily happen. The doctor, of course, do not believe it, but my friend who was present at the conversation, try to convince him that he knows me well and never twaddle.

It turned out that someone had seen better health and peace of this family because their home had a lot of triangles. I do not remember the exact number, but I remember two of them found in the couch on which we were sitting with the doctor. Malefactors as they were wedged away in a plastic bag with old things that we found them only after we got it and started to transfer the contents one by one. All spells were written in Arabic by hand and folded accordingly in the form of a triangle.

My wife held and further treatment by bioseansi.

I do not know whether both spouses were convinced that the disease was cured of a woman solely because that was removed the influence of evil in this house, but more importantly, they are alive and well. Not least is the meaning and that the doctor believes that the patient was not cured by him, not by the methods of traditional medicine and the way we talked about, came about three months after the case and told me that my hat off to all of what seemed like incredible and impossible in our conversation and that happened as I told him. I think then we had two meetings with him – had taken a serious study of the phenomena that we talked about, and whose existence was convinced.

Now I do not know where this man is. Someone told me that going to be deported to Turkey, but he returned from the border because it is Pomak. Wherever he is, I’m sure you can now judge whether a disease is due to natural causes or is caused by the effects of black magic and could refer sufferers to choose the right path for treatment.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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