Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Black Magic

Magics for Sickness and Death

Came to view my friend, with whom we worked together years ago in an enterprise. His complaints were that several months can not sleep, wakes up repeatedly sweating, feeling a strange sense of indefinite fear. Appearing strong headaches and tightness in the heart area. His blood pressure often briefly rise.

The review finds that this condition is caused by the effects of black magic. Apparently he had heard of such things, because he said he learned from a psychic that has two spells, but its ability get here.

It turned out that the spells were really two. One sickness and one death buried in the yard in front of their house. One night about midnight we went with them to get them out. One found in the garden with flowers, and the other was in a vineyard outside the house, tied to a wire frame. A black neighborhood cat all the time revolved at our feet while toured the vineyard looking for magic and at one point stopped and sniffed in one place, mewing loudly. The most interesting was that at the same time my wife stopped right there and said that magic is buried in this place where people cat. The man began to dig, putting soil in a bed and probably at the moment the spell was removed from the earth intense pain in his head disappeared like magic. Right now the cat let out a howl and animal paced with amazing speed around the excavated hole. Her eyes glowed in the night like little green farcheta and the patient was frightened and dropped the shovel. Cat goes at a frantic pace a few seconds and suddenly again howling, is gone away. After the man calmed down, said that many times during the day saw the same cat to walk and people of the same two places where we got magic.

Apparently that animals have senses that feel unnatural radiations coming from places where there causing bad vibrations gradually get used to it and when this radiation was suddenly removed, something with animal instincts are triggered. I think that this has caused the cat to wander around the site of the extracted magic. Have we had another time, especially in the wee hours of the night, came a cat or dog exactly where we are. They sniffed, as if looking for something they lost.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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