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Black Magic

Magics for Marital Treachery

Now I want to tell a story of marital treachery.

The man whose life I want to share known for years. Several times in different periods of time, sometimes spells appeared to his mother, then his sister who removed. My wife and I treat them, then their health recovery.

Then a few years, the man went to work abroad and since we had not seen. Magic against his sister and his mother made ​​his wife and her mother. Dont know what were the aims and intentions, but they wanted to destroy. Sister learned that her brother abroad is well and sent many gifts and resources of his wife and children. I think his wife walked for a while with him and then returned. Then he came back and we heard that the company made ​​with the intention to start a peaceful family life that was earned because of deprivation during the years of working abroad. But while he has labored there, his wife, satisfied materially, due to money it is sent, it “hit of life.” As they say, life is not pretty tired, especially when there is someone to send money. Most likely because her has turned a lover who assure her passionate feelings. Accepted this truth, his wife decided that he had to use her husband as much as possible and then get rid of it, lest it interfere with the good life. There are many cases where the love with another woman, decides to get rid of the father of her children through the methods of black magic.

So it is in this case. His wife, loving and gentle, trying to tell him that he has to go back to work abroad, so as not to prevent her from here, and to earn a little more money. Yes, but the man was tired and did not want to become more migrant workers. Then come to help her mother baked malefactors who caused no small grief and suffering to the magic that had done years ago against his mother and sister, which I already mentioned.

Treacherous design was made by one of magic – and madness mortality is placed in the diet of unsuspecting husband, and the other – does not feel man – was buried in the garden in front of the building where he lives with “virtuous” wife.

His sister, alarmed by the conditions in which starts fell unsuspecting man led him to view things and clarified.

In cases like his, when magic is taken with food or drink, prepare a special liquid-destroying effects of ingested magic. Important in this fluid is the spell, pronounced in Arabic. Of great importance is the impact force with which the counter is loaded liquid. It should be adequate to the power of the absorbed magic. After ten sessions doomed to be fine and then in front of him stood the question: “What do we do next?”

If divorce would leave her children to be raised by a mother and grandmother who would naturally make them like you. If not divorced, it would wipe out.

I do not want to give advice to those who have chosen the path of evil, serving with the methods of black magic. But I will try to remind them that realizing their treacherous thought, they miss some things – in this case that the father of their children can be only one – the real. Another important detail that was missed is that black magic affects most: especially children, especially when it is done for some of the parents. Especially its impact is transmitted after the death of a parent of a child and so continues to weaken generations. For those who were unable to bring their insidious thought the end, it’s too late – let’s first remove the spells that are put, if you remember where you put them or buried, and hope that God will forgive them.

Those who have already committed their fiendish work through will remind you that retribution will not escape,, what they do. I advised them to at least remove the spells that stay, even though they killed the father of their children, so as not to add to the reward that God will punish them, and sorrow than to watch their children suffer because of the stupidity and their treachery.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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