Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Black Magic

Magics for Fire, Fatigue, Nightmares, Bad Luck

I’ll try here to tell through several episodes in our meetings with people suffering from black magic to pick different occasions, revealing its impact, according to its importance to the reader can gain a clearer picture of the symptoms, pain and suffering, caused by the types of black magic.

I have already described the case of my boyhood classmate, told of his pain and suffering, walking his misery and how it was cured. Whenever my wife deal with the treatment of anyone suffering from black magic, it expressly warned not to disclose that his home or wherever he is found spells as those wearing them, will understand and put again outraged by the fact that the design they failed. However, relatives of healings always learned how and how doomed it was cured. I say “doomed” because many times it were not for another, and living relatives of cure can not explain how to do this and it is difficult to resist their curiosity. Word spread quickly, although in the beginning they only help our closest. After a while, began to turn to us for help different people – Bulgarians, Turks, Gypsies, equally suffering from human envy and malice. Many of them may have already forgotten us, in other remained good friends to this day, and there were, of course, and ingrates who gave healing to chance and then spat at us. Most, however, weighs me something I will never forget – between the people who saved his life, were found, and those who envy us and especially for the gift of my wife is put in the service of evil, and began to cast spells against us, but I will describe later, I just want to emphasize that these were found only among the Bulgarians.

After my classmate was cured, help us to turn a close relative – a man of age, which must have been brimming with health, more that he was big and burly – the type of people say – “masculine rock. “Except that “rock” was bad and when he came for the first time in the country, climbed the stairs to the second floor of the holidays. Panted and tired very quickly, even during normal walking on the street. Could not sleep at night and told us that it is often drunk to be able to sleep. Always seemed to him that he was not alone, he felt a presence, opening closets and even looked under beds, armed with a knife. I asked him, laughing, who seek there.

Answer me:

“- I do not know, but it is not really funny. Every night I do it several times.”

It turned out that the situation is very serious, because the house and yard were full of magic. So I took care of his neighbors, and to top it all and relatives who once fought for the inheritance of his parents. There was even a spell in the barn where the animals looked very. I remember the importance of this magic, because once we found it, it turned out that it is made ​​of fire. The man then remembered that some time ago a thunder and killed all his animals. His parents lived in the village, and he lived in the house alone. Neighbors, relatives, or in his absence were superimposed quiet spells throughout the yard and house. Spells had even sewn into mattresses and pillows.

His treatment did not last more than a month. Last Days already climbed the stairs to the second floor trip without ever getting tired and forget about sleepless nights and nightmares.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov



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