Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Black Magic

Magics for Failure of Team

Many times my wife has had to make a diagnosis or looking for a person only photo or name without seeing him. This happened often, as in many cases some of those who came to view cared for the health of a close relative or friend. For such a case, I want to tell.

Two young men visiting us often plotted for everything related to their business with my wife. They were honest and good guys, their business was going well, but I think if it was fate met us evil would pass them by. During a conversation they suddenly remembered their friend, coach of famous football team, and asked my wife to check what caused his illness. It turned out that he had a spell as a liquid that is taken by a drink without knowing. Team, which he led, had several spells placed in different places in the stadium, which held drills and games. Magic put in drink coach was sickness and conflict between him and the team, and those placed in the stadium for losses and failures of the entire team. Complex varieties of black magic had done work for both businessmen confirmed what found my wife and asked her for help. After a few days has an important match for the team. We agreed on the match day to travel to the distant city and try to find out ahead magic. We arrived two or three hours before the meeting. The first magic my wife found tucked into the base of the board, which announced the results. Magic itself consisted of two half-burned candles, twisted together, and wrapped in cotton. Between the benches for the audience, inserted into a hole in the concrete around the soap found impaled with needles taken from the bathroom of the stadium. On one corner of the field found magic representing a piece of paper with handwritten Arabic text, folded in the form of a triangle and wrapped with clear tape. The output to ground, the way the players, my wife found that a cast variety of black magic. With the same liquid was dressing and scatter the team. Wrongdoers had seen the road to success the team to be cut everywhere and his failure and that of the coach, in my opinion, it would be inevitable if we had not fulfilled the request of both our and his relatives.

The most interesting thing was the match that took place immediately after our visit to the stadium, was won by the team who helped and who until now had many losses.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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