Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Black Magic

Magics by Mistress

In my teenage years I had a good friend with whom we were almost inseparable. Years later he found a family already had older children, and although we lived in a city we had forgotten. We met by chance and sometimes exchanged a few words about work, family, common acquaintances. Him know that his wife was ill and that often she had to lie in hospitals and sanatoriums. I met her on the streets pale and weakened. I was not fit to care what her disease. Once again accidentally met his friend on the street after I had not seen for a long time. He seemed tired and tired and pale color on his face said that health thing this man is wrong.

Speaking of ordinary things, and when I asked him how his wife health, he said that not only she, but he feels bad. Said they have the same symptoms as his wife. I offered him after work to take his wife to come to our country, as I was convinced that suffering and disease of both spouses is caused by the effects of black magic.

My assumption proved correct. In the evening they come to us and my wife check out what caused their suffering. The yard and house were full of spells for both, such as his wife had put us a few years ago, and those of my friend in a different time, a few months ago.

The most interesting was that they knew. Had gone in many places, they were told about magic, but no one had helped them. We did not know just who is pest. Culprit turned out zlostornichka when my wife named her name between spouses quarrel arose.

It turned out that the envious few years, was mistress of her husband. 1ova was not secret nor wife, nor for friends and relatives. There have been many cases where in the absence of his wife, his beloved was led into the dwelling. Ailing knew about these performances to her husband. These visits were apparently used to put spells that remove wife. The relationship between lovers however started to become scandalous husband decided to end their relationship. Rejected and humiliated mistress embittered against his former friend and decided to kill him. If it was not chance that we met, rather their children would remain orphans. The most interesting in the two was that they had spells of his wife, had such a wife. Whatever diseases and complaints had one so were in the other, as the impact of magic was the same for both. They were also made ​​by the same people who speak black magic.

Will not describe the misery and difficulties that cost us clearing all spells made ​​against this family. I remember that when we cleared the yard of spells and the first floor of their home, it appeared that remained another, placed on the second floor. There was a living room, tidy and tastefully decorated. When he finally found the last spell in the binding of one of the many books in their library, low-spirited hostess swore husband:

“- And it was, my dear, I thought you said his mistress on the second floor not taking her?”

He started to mumble and explain that it was only once, during their great love. So this love would cost them their lives both, therefore, lovers, be careful you do not happen to you too. Health of both recover soon after due to treatment. Forgot the pain and hassle and now live well, have no grandchildren, but for my friend from my youth, it was a lesson for life.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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