Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Black Magic

Magics Against Working Abroad

Will tell you briefly about the tragedy of a young man going around the world to seek his fortune. Years traveling and working as a musician in various countries. Earn as bread and clothing, living in the hope that one single day happiness will smile. This day really welcome. Toured with a group of musicians in a city in Norway, he met a young, beautiful and rich girl. Soon after, married her and, as they say in fairy tales, happily ever after. Young family repeatedly visit Bulgaria. Visiting relatives and friends, invited them to the house of the young man, happy and contented, thinking that their happiness will rejoice and their relatives.

Envy and malice of any of the relatives clearly manifested at the first visits family in Bulgaria, because the young husband began to feel ill in the first year of marriage. With each visit to Bulgaria pain and suffering there is deepening. After two or three years reached there, he was not able to work. Conducted various treatments prescribed by some doctors in Norway, who could not explain what his illness. Putting his diagnoses. The tragedy of the young man added and the suffering of his wife, who repeatedly became pregnant and her pregnancy is interrupted first month without having any substantial reason.

Not found a cure for their sufferings in Norway, both spouses decided to come to Bulgaria for a long time to seek help. A few days after his arrival, through their close that my wife was treated young family came to view here.

The story of the suffering was long. For a few days stay in Bulgaria in them already disappeared believing that someone here can help. In short: the complaints of sick husband were that following pain and stiff neck, back and extremities is unable to work. Even in a well-heated room is feeling cold, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, chest pain and constant fear of attack. Suffering wife already mentioned.

When, after reviewing them, my wife try to explain to them that their suffering is due to the influence of black magic, the young man asked, puzzled:

“- What is it?”

I explained as best he could, with the addition that after the first visits to Bulgaria are treated put it in their car spells. He wondered and wondered how this is possible and which of his relatives he may think evil. After a while began to remember the trouble he had with that car. Remember that the first symptoms of stiff neck felt exactly it. The mother of his wife, once out of the same car. Left, but then returned, saying that she felt ill and no longer wishes to use the car. Shortly after that sold the car to their relatives. After a short time the new owner also began to complain of a stiff back and legs. The car changed hands again.

Spells with a different meaning for the young family had in the house sick husband in Bulgaria. Envious had seen suffering to follow them everywhere.

Were able to scatter and clothes wife liquid magic This case was such that e at the good will could not help them, because it was not possible to find and removal of spells that were found in Norway, my wife decided to alleviate their suffering by removing spells that were found in Bulgaria. So we did, and then began to heal. The man was relieved, as every day, hoping for deliverance from suffering became more real. Had come to Bulgaria with a new, nice car, which drove the woman. Warned them not to ride one in it and in any case not to let her spend the night outside the garage, given that envious again will try to hinder them.

Had been several days of treatment, and the man felt much better when late at night we called his wife asking him to go with them because her husband felt very bad. It turned out that the poor condition due to the complex new magic against him. Wrongdoers because they had no access to home and car were put magic in the hallway of the building where they lived. There she found. Magic itself was a stretch of old book with Arabic text, folded in the form of a triangle.

Treatment of this family last more than meat, like aches and pains husband gradually disappeared. He was able to drive the car in which wrongdoers this time failed to put magic. A few days after treatment, the family traveled to Norway in the hope that their sufferings are over and with the proviso that at its next arrival in Bulgaria will call.

I believe over the years that all who are on the path of evil serve him through black magic hard to give up their intentions. Evil obsebilo their souls, gives them rest until what you have conceived, fails, so it was with the above-described family. People who envy them, could not be reconciled with the fact that the young man again came back safe and sound with his wife in Norway. Having access to his home here in Bulgaria, failed again to hinder it. In time, we learned that she had separated from her husband and returned permanently in Bulgaria. Hopefully the fact that the miscreants managed to destroy the happiness of the young couple, satisfy their ambition and envy and malice tame them to this young man, whose tragedy told.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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