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Black Magic

Magics Against Pets

In many cases our practice while we were varieties of black magic against people open and its kind against pets. Given the changes in our country and that livestock will become the main livelihood for many people, some of whom will inevitably meet with human envy, I will try to describe briefly the effect of black magic on pets.

Most often we found its impact on dairy animals. Characteristic in this case was that the farmers were complaining that milk, milking these animals is a bitter, unpleasant taste and is not for consumption. There were cases when the milk had a visible content of blood, but were also seen the case in which the udder of a cow instead of milk flow bright red liquid. Animals under the influence of black magic, suffer as humans. They dropped hardly any food and in many cases die without is caused by a disease. Not least where magic made ​​for your home, suffer not only the people living in it, and pets. Of our friends living in the village died for no reason all animals. Last dog died, and only then realized that this is not accidental. I will mention briefly for another case.

Veterinarian looking rabbit in his father’s house in the countryside. Cells was done on several floors with everything needed and deserved much care for growing animals. For cells of rabbits was the house of the dog – his favorite. Magic found buried in front of the house the dog, but after a week all the dead rabbits and dogs, although, as I mentioned already, the owner was experienced veterinarian.

Very often, magic, placed in water supply, as for example is the well from which few families usually do not meet their needs for water, suffering and dying and pets. Typical of one of these cases was that after the owner of the house died of stomach cancer, began to die and animals. Last cat died, some time before the hostess noticed that she vomits blood, which reminded her of her husband’s illness.

In one of the stories already mentioned the magic that caused a fire in a pig pen of one of my wife’s patients. Fallen Thunder kills all the animals in the building. Characteristic of this case is that the thunder falls exactly on the lower structure of the animal and not the surrounding high-rise buildings.

Briefly describe these few cases, as I think they would help themselves to guess whether your home is something unnatural, something which in many cases would you suggest the evil rages there. I could not tell you about all of our encounters with evil because they have hundreds. Are many times more human tragedies caused by it. I will only mention that the effects of black magic suffer no small nations around the world, but especially the people of our neighbors – Romania, Turkey, Greece and Serbia in particular, as well as the states created after the breakup of Yugoslavia. The fact that magic number eight – placed against a family in the city of Nis – in no way different from those found in Bulgaria shows that the influence of black magic in all its varieties on people such as we have described in the stories her.

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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