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Black Magic

Magic for Death because of Property

Chance met us when we were guests at our friends with someone who was “natural” medicine. He was a doctor of education. That was not prevented to experience misery, pain and suffering, which told us. His tragedy started many years before we met, and if it was chance to meet us, the consequences would be fatal not only for him but for his family. In many places, talk about coincidences, but I am convinced that it does not. God always finds a way to help the good people in their misery and suffering. This, of course, can not rely on people with black people that God punished.

It’s hard to describe the misery and suffering of this relatively young man with prematurely gray hair. Some of them he told us at our meeting. Much of her life spent in hospitals, sanatoriums and healers, but his condition was deteriorating with each passing day. Emergency ambulances often treated him to the hospital in critical condition and years. Telling all sorts of cases where it becomes so bad, and felt that if she opens her mouth and his soul will come, so clutching teeth and did not meet even the questions of the doctors ‘Ambulance’. Told us that several psychics have told him that there was a spell, but no one could help him. He was already convinced that the disease is due to an effect that occurs most often when you go to a village in the house of his parents. There is no reason their animals died, even their dog died suddenly without any illness.

His work has been clear from the start of the call. Had only to check how many spells there against him and where were placed. When my wife, tired of enormous tension, named their number, I was shocked. I could not believe that with all spells against us man is still alive. My wife pointed out that all spells are placed in his father’s house, where the patient’s family lived until 2-3 years ago. Saved him only that had migrated to the city, away from the harmful effects. Patient also confirmed that when he lived in the village, his situation was much more tragic. And we wanted to help, we could not do that because the spells were very. I mentioned that in the first years of my wife, she was very ill at the opening of each of them.

We saw that the man is leaving and the end was left very little time, and we could not help him. In this, I will not be, I was absolutely certain, and moreover, the review came out, that the end is near. It knew only me and my wife. We agreed a few days to see the country and then decide what to do. We hoped then to figure out some way or someone to tell us that. And it did. The next night be one of those that we humans know as saints and said that we need to help the suffering. For two nights we would pull out all the spells and determine when exactly to do this. Warned us that they will send strong spirits to keep us in the specified hours of the evil embedded in magic. The work took two nights as we got tired and decrepit until morning. Here I saw nearly all types of black magic that was malefactors tote from everywhere, putting them in the house quilts and mattresses in the garden with flowers, magic was even in animals, and one was placed at the point where was tied quickly reach the dead dog.

Doom began to recover with no days and hours. Consequently, that his body tried to expel poisons accumulated for years, he was sweating profusely and frequently, and his urine for ten days was unnaturally dark. Not long after, however, the patient again felt the symptoms of the disease and came right at us. It turned out that it was fitted with a new magic. This time it was placed in their home in the city. He claimed that his home went no man who could put a spell, but my wife was absolutely sure that it is in the home. I went immediately and after a long search we found the magic cleverly tucked in the packaging of one of his medications. The packaging of the drug passed off several times and only once tore, triangle fell out. Patient immediately remembered that the drug, which was placed magic was brought the same day the child’s brother, who a few days ago was sent by his mother wants it. Mother said she would buy another medicine from the pharmacy to get it back. So wishing-evil-woman issue alone, it is not proposed that the magic will be found and her treacherous thought – revealed. Patient sometimes be straightened, then became worse immediately when put back spells, but the conditions are thrown, were not as critical as before. Crises decreased, and there were days when he felt completely healthy and efficient. Variable condition continues for a long time because the wife of his brother was solved at all costs her husband to be the sole heir to the property of his parents. She was sure that he would achieve his goal, because then it turned out that by black magic was wiped out a lot of people like my husband and probably wondered why in this case it does not work. She did not wonder long. Found people, my friends, to tell her what’s going on. From this moment the lady was furious and so embittered that started doing magic and against us.

We ran our envious, so she decided to show us what he is capable of. In stock include enthusiasm and her mother and magic rained. They put them where they fall, most often around our house and the patient, past cemeteries and roads into the property of the village, around churches and mosques and where not.

Villain’s mother lived in a village about 50-60 km from Shumen, where he also appeared spells against us, and the patient’s family, and the road from the village to Shumen is charged in any walk of malefactors at her mother. Apparently it took magic, prepared by the mother, and put them back where they had dangerous curves, bridges or exits to rest. Most often spells, which had to be placed in the corridors and stairways of the building where he lived and patient about it emanated from the child of evil-doers. It is performed with accuracy instructions of his mother. I do not know why the mother was so blinded by evil, and did not realize that magic can hurt the health of her child.

Malefactors did not think this affects him and sooner or later will occur because, as already mentioned, the negative impact of magic affects mostly children on wobbly body. That the mother would receive retribution for their sins, was inevitable and certain. So when one day her child suffers Yes, knowing that his suffering caused by it. It was not long and our dushmanki became associated with those of our patient and started working with even greater enthusiasm against us. Magic against us and other family so tangled that already when we found them, not watching what is for us and who is them. Clean wrong, and they did not end. I felt safe and was so zlostornichkite they made a schedule of who what day it’s going to do magic. He had been found ease because among them there were younger and middle-aged, and there were more than 60 years. However one of them would be able to impress the imam went where. There were cases where proficiency black magic so enraptured by the beauty of one of them that putting his greatest diligence and skill, magic who produce once, were numerous. I would not have reached the place to talk about the fight with these spells for 7-8 years. I will only say that when God helps those who struggle with evil, as it should, there comes a point where no one can harm them. God not only supported, but also gives strength and determination of these people to resist the pains and suffering, and the power to defend themselves. Suffering a man for whom I wrote this story long forgotten about their diseases through God’s strength and healing, help in the fight against evil. Our common enemies caught up in their own naughtiness, possessed by evil had missed a small detail. They had forgotten that God is over all, even over evil and one day says:

“- Come here!”

There comes a moment when you pay for your sins and all evils that does hereinafter fall on him. Not unreasonable to say: “Whoever pulls the sword, dies by the sword.”

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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