Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov
Black Magic

Magic for Death and No Children Again

One day our close lead young family who wanted to connect with us. Her husband told us that repeatedly dreamed his recently deceased father. His dream was always the same. Concerning the health of their two-year child, grandchild of the deceased. My wife saw these people for the first time, but her story with details of how and under what circumstances deceased father, who came convince young people that everything that will be said about the desire of the dead will be true. What the deceased wanted to tell them was that magic that caused his death, his stand and insisted he be removed because it would destroy his grandson.

The spirit of the deceased said many things about the future of young husbands and their children, he said, who and why did magic against him. Barely knew the deceased, but my impressions of it were good. There was a quiet and modest character, helpful and good at their relationship to humans. It turned out that he has found a villain in the face of his own wife, who for years maintained relations with another man, whose name dead named. Deceased during his lifetime he was unaware of the relationship to his wife, but it turned out that it was not unnoticed by his son, who said it was all true. Dead explained that just the man with whom his wife had been in touch to get rid of it went to make his magic and that magic itself is his hair, given by his wife, at the insistence of her beloved. Said more his son misses his father, unlike the mother who never thought of her deceased husband. Dead magic insisted that caused his death, to remove surely after this is done, the young couple will have another child. Notice for the second child the young woman responded and said that it is excluded because in medical examination have explained that more children she can not have. Yes, but the dead announced that it will happen and will announce when the child is born, their gender, and although the young woman does not believe him, will see if can be removed magic that took his life.

Discover the magic, we went in the house when the mother was absent. Was put in a box with herbs, put in the closet and into the very magic indeed found a strand of hair from deceased human nail, cut probably from the hand of a dead man and a clipping from an old book in Arabic. All the magic was as big as a bean, and had taken human life would take another if the young man was not believed dreams. Spouses rested after time passed and their child nothing bad happened. There was no year since then, I know it was a great holiday, met a young family for a walk in the park. The woman barely dragging his feet because of his advanced pregnancy.

They saw us, they stopped, talking and the first thing the woman said to my wife was:

“- I do not believe you, only that I will have a second child because you had told me the doctors, but also for knowledge.”

From “Meeting Evil” – Dimitar Dyankov


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