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Look for beauty!

Look for beauty!


Look for beauty!

A retelling of the event by legendary motivator Zig Ziglar.

An angry woman ran to the lecturer. Before he could even introduce himself, she poured out an angry rant about how much she hated her job.

Zig Zaglar was startled. He had probably never seen so much anger and malice in a human being. Obviously the woman had crossed all the thresholds of tolerance.

Her tirade ended with an exclamation of Zig: “You must help me!”

“Can I help you? I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but it’s still an uglier day. I’m sure your boss will fire you.”

The woman was shocked.

“Will I be fired? What the hell is he going to fire me for?”

Zig Zaglar looked into the woman’s eyes and said,

“I don’t believe that there is such a large company around the world that deals with so much poison in one small place that it can easily get rid of.”

The woman’s reaction was expected. This is the case with almost anyone who complains about something when you tell them that they are about to lose this thing.

Instead of continuing his rant, he set out for the first time to find a solution.

“What can I do? Help me!”

“Ma’am, I have an idea,” said Zig Zaglar calmly, “and I guarantee you it will work if you do exactly what I tell you.”

The woman nodded slightly.

Zig continued, “When you get home tonight and do all your homework, take out a piece of paper and write, ‘I like my job because…’ “

But before she could finish, the woman laughed viciously “This will be easy. I absolutely do not like anything in my work. “

Zig Zaglar replied, “Let me ask you out of curiosity – did you ask for a job at this company yourself and are you paid for your job there?”

“Well, at least that’s what they do.”

“You like to get paid, don’t you?”

“Of course, who doesn’t love …”

“Well, that’s the first reason you like your job. Let’s do it now. Please take out your notebook and continue the list together…, ”, the lecturer encouraged.

Within minutes, they had already written down 22 reasons why the woman liked her job.

But Zig wasn’t done with that. She advised the woman, the night before going to bed, to take the list, stand in front of the mirror, look into her eyes and read the list with excitement and enthusiasm. He even recommends that he say “I love my job because …” instead of “I like my job”.

He advises her to do the same thing the next morning. She recommends that she carry the list with her so that she can supplement it every time with something new that she finds enjoyable in her work.

A few weeks later, Zig Zaglar met the woman again and saw a new man in her. He acknowledged her success.

At first glance, this all seems frivolous and ridiculous. No one poses in front of the mirror, looking and talking like a freak.

However, the fact is that it works.

I know you don’t believe me, but give it a try.

The very first day, when you look in the mirror instead of the standard “another nasty day begins”, smile! Think that you are waiting for an incredibly beautiful day filled with positive emotions and experiences !.

Get out of your house with a smile. She smiled at her neighbor, greeted her cheerfully. Smile at all the people you meet. As you enter your classmates, you will have the feeling that you are dancing and flying.

Everyone will notice the change and respond with the same. Thanks for everything that happens. Even if you don’t know why at the moment, be grateful – you will surely find the reason if you think about it. It is not important in this case, it is important that it exists. Make sure all day goes by. It may take some conscious effort at first, but it will become a habit over time.

This exercise only works for some people. I know of not one or two who have thus started to love their lives and more importantly, have changed it for the better.

This is because they harness all the beauty that exists in life to work for them instead of letting go of the negative phenomena and consuming the negative attitude as a “black hole”.

It is up to everyone to decide. I prefer five minutes to feel like a fool in front of a mirror, but to enjoy life the rest of the time.

He, life is one and it is like a glass of magic drink – drink it with pleasure, second glass no one will pour you!

Look for beauty!

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