Products for a tray:

  • kadaif of Samovodska Charshiya Str. – Veliko Tarnovo;
  • sugar – at least half a kilo;
  • water – a kilo;
  • walnuts – 2-3 handfuls;
  • raisins – 1 packet;
  • vanilla – 1-2 sachets;
  • cinnamon.

Half kadaif spread the tray. Sprinkle with nuts and bake in the oven until it becomes golden-reddish color (or color of peach ;-)) Remove from the oven, sprinkle with raisins, a little cinnamon and turn the rest of kadaif. String is still in the oven and bake again to the same color.

During this time the water boil and cool it pour sugar until dissolved nice. Remove from heat and add vanilla and.

It is assumed that already kadaif tray has acquired the desired color. Pour in the sugar solution and turn to something (I personally use the “Trud” 😉 and a towel on top of it) to suffocate.

As absorb the solution and cool a little, is now ready for use. Otherwise, money is not that it is not to eat…

Greetings to the master of kadaif at Samovodska Charshiya Str. 😉 She does it simply superb…