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Job Search

Job Search


Here you will be dealing with something more earthy than to earn a lot of money on the Internet … For these experiments’m a dissenting opinion, if anyone wishes to get acquainted with such methods of “getting rich”, you can always visit a suitable site for this topic …

Yet you decided to change your life? Dare not risk their own business in order for obvious reasons … Then?

Is it necessary or can you wait? Bulgarian is “inert structure”. While not creep something not used to change my social status. But think about good, is not it time?

If you feel that the time for change has come to work, you need to craft your own strategy for job search.

Two approaches to the goal – slow or fast.

It takes a lot of time for you if you are looking for work relatives and friends. Time required and participation in labor market mediation, or services workforce. Entry into the profession is quickly organized by universities “Career Days” or job.

If you need to quickly find a job, watch the ads in the newspapers, or post your own ad. I personally loved my source is “Capital”. But now there are even specialized only on papers.

If your professional profile is very specific you can contact by letter to potential employers. Even in times of greatest crisis enterprises with over 300 employees looking for new talent.

And do not take to insure? 😉 Read again the title of the material. I HAVE NO CLAIMS professionals into consultations to work. If you really want professional advice, then this material will at least know where to get it. But perhaps what you read here will be sufficient at first, for free and in one place. Or at least the most necessary.

What you need practice in order to develop a successful strategy to prepare for the change? If this interests you, indeed, read on further.

You need …

To deal with some literature and Internet sites -This work yourself still in the process of search and does not stop even finding 😉 in my opinion. In the individual “procedures” are overlapping but can be distinguished (for educational purposes ;-).

Do not think that these things I’ve invented. I’ve just collected, systematized and submit to your attention. Sources of information are listed in the bibliography.

Known truth is that one best learns from the mistakes of the best for him is to learn from the mistakes of others, not their own. So share your experience.

And do not justify that no computer, no Internet or other such thing – you need to have good computer skills. So – the Lord gave no Internet clubs in time and over time. Also friends who will help you (hopefully).

Once you read this material, you have already achieved little success in this regard. 😉

Here is a little “bibliography”:

“Capital” – newspaper

  • The main source of access to potential attractive ads. And the most useful theoretical information on job search.
  • “Interview Tips”

SNELLING Personnel Services – 02.07.2001

  • “How to find and win the talent they need”
  • “The dream of Frankenstein”

In the newspaper “CASH” – 18.03.1999, 05.02.2001

  • “Navigator job search”

HILL INTERNATIONAL Human Resources Consulting Group, Vienna – 02.05.2001

  • “Last Days of the mass production of human beings”
  • “Traps” in the search for staff


Basic principle in understanding all materials: reading and putting yourself in the future mercenary should be putting in place and the potential employer. Even after time to become true allies with the employer, you are going to war with him first. A war won one who knows superior opponent.

Assume that you have already prepared theoretically. Start some practical things – for example to prepare documents in general, some of them every time you need to process according to the specific job.

Follow the standard requirements for different types of documents.


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