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Job Offers

Job Offers

Job Offers

Read job. Have you ever thought over their creation and publication?

If you do, in good will can form your psychological profile of the head of the company or mode of operation in the company itself.

Often the creation of ads engage employers themselves, suggesting that dealing with work that is not their job… 😉 Ie maybe a bad organization?

Will immediately recognize such adverts – encrypted ad does not give information about the employer; ads for a few jobs without clear criteria for each of them; optically invisible or overwhelmed with a lot of text and fine print; Ads disrespectful qualifications eg. “right hand of the boss man”.

Often recite a long list of requirements, and almost nothing is mentioned about the benefits of the position. Significant error is placing age restrictions – “30s” only covers people aged between 29 and 31 years. In this case apply, even if you are 24 or 36 years.

Rarely mentioned additional social “extras” and often they receive priority in the selection or have a prevailing role in the actual total revenue.

Competitions only documents are another formal approach where the company loses namely the lack of personal contact with the candidates. If you require detailed documents – copies of diplomas, references and previous employer manuscript written autobiography (probably intended for graphological expertise? ;-), The number of candidates decreases even more.

Most often, or layout, or text them nezaintriguvasht. Only this can explain the fact that a professionally prepared ads respond hundreds of people, while others remain unanswered. The successful offer will attract many applicants, and this increases competition. So do not ignore those ads that seem unreasonable, but contain interesting in your proposal. Remember: more important is the nature of the work, not necessarily the size of the ad.

Problematic are the listings in unfamiliar specialized publications or regional editions, or they do not read at all, or not taken seriously. Can safely call the attractive larger ads, as many feel that is unreasonable respect them. And it was such ads should be recalled. Just because you may have one that will help the personnel manager to get out of some difficulty – imagine that nobody called ad costing over 2000 lev, which he personally interceded long before the boss!

And one more tip: try the ad even been three or more weeks of its publication. Or the place will already employed or will invite you for an interview. Be assured that in the second case, your competitors will be less.

I hope that these unorthodox strategies will assist you in finding the job that best suits you. This can be a fascinating endeavor, and the result – surprisingly successful. So if you’re prepared: look to find!

How to evaluate a job offer?

Unfortunately the information that relates to the conditions of employment in Bulgaria is not reliable enough. Data related to salary, benefits, incentive schemes etc. is generally regarded as strictly confidential and therefore almost no one is willing to share with you their salary or that of a colleague. Furthermore, the figures from the official statistics do not always represent the real market, especially when it comes to the private sector.

For these questions you can find information from friends, relatives, colleagues or trusted agency recruitment (if you use one).

The next stage of the procedure you need to clarify in detail what is offered.

Here are some standard elements of the proposed work:

Salary: Gross or net? In what currency is set salary? How often revised salary? Will change you after the expiration of the probationary period? Is there a 13th salary?

Premiums: What are the factors that determine the bonus? How often pay premiums?

System for additional incentives: Is there such a practice?

Holidays – what is the amount of paid annual leave?

Training opportunities: How often organize training for the position? What kinds of courses are planned for next year?

Opportunities for professional development: what are the opportunities for growth in this position?

Other elements of the offer: Type of contract – fixed or indefinite. Duration of the probationary period. Working hours and overtime compensation. Relationship of subordination. Job description. Practice Staff appraisal. Rules for clothing, corporate culture, rules, procedures, policies.

Pay particular attention to the details – quite often they are not minor. For example the use of a company car or providing food.

When you are not sure whether you should accept a job offer can apply popular method for comparing two alternatives – T-chart. On the left side you should note the advantages of a possible change of work, while the other side must write your concerns. Visualizing various factors “for” and “against” will sharpen your mind.

When you receive a job offer, ask for a few days to think. Seek advice from people who count and only then make the final choice.

What if we are presented with a counter offer?

It is likely that, once aware of your decision to leave, the employer tries to do everything possible to keep you. May his reaction is to respond to the news that his Serve with a counter-proposal. To ensure that the proposal will be appealing to you, the employer will do everything possible to understand as fully as possible the offer you received. The counter offer may be tempting because it is associated with an increase in salary, additional benefits, a proposal for promotion and other incentives.

Entirely a matter of your choice to decide whether to select a counter offer, but you should know:

  • If they do not accept it:
    • Most likely angrier your rabotodatelVeroyatnostta get a recommendation from your employer will decrease
    • Will earn even more respect from your future employer
  • If you accept:
    • Will greatly angry company where you applied
    • You’ll have to explain very carefully why the company have accepted the counter-offer of current employer
    • You should be aware that your employer will always have in mind in relation to your experience to leave

A few rules to respond to receipt of a counter-proposal:

  • From the moment that announced his decision to leave, you must be prepared to receive a counter offer. Stay calm when you receive it and ask for a few days to think.
  • As soon as you make a decision and inform both parties. If you decide to go to the new company do not forget to tell your prospective employer that you have received a counter-proposal, which you rejected.
  • Once you like a job, according to a document this work and submit them along with the specific required by the employer. The biggest impact this has on the cover letter, if such is required. It is closely linked with the company, the position you are applying for and other specific things.

Other things are not as specified, but I guarantee that if they are seeing the name of the company you are applying, you will have great success. All heads quickly become selfish or at least a keen sense of loyalty to the company, which actually is not bad, even if it looks a disguised selfishness.


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