Galina Mihaylova & Anton Ivanov


Naturally, it is necessary to prepare for the interview, even if you do not know when and where will be held.

The ability to present an interview is often decisive for the outcome of each competition for work. Therefore, you should not leave your fate in the hands of chance. We need a careful preparation for the meeting with a potential employer, without leave in him the impression that all you have pre-learned responses cliches. But how to achieve the desired natural confidence and conviction? This article will give you some guidelines and tips.

Two main things determine whether you will be selected for the post: your qualifications and how you present yourself. For a few days or weeks you can not improve their skills, but in contrast, can do much to perform well in the interview. It is through training. Pay attention to the fact that the interview consists of three equally important parts: preparation for interview, conducting the interview and subsequent part.

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