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Interview: Sample questions and conclusion

Interview: Sample questions and conclusion

Interview: Sample questions and conclusion

What are my chances to be appointed to the position?

How do you see my application in terms of job requirements?

Can I ask for your opinion on my performance during the interview?

Can you advise me on what I have to work, so I am more successful in subsequent applications?

The goal is to appeal to your employer as impersonal as it sounds. And of course, to work this team and to work for their employer and interest. And never forget your family and children! Finally landing is not bad to think about this “modern parable”:

“Philosophy professor stood before the table, which was arranged things. When the class began, he picked up an empty mayonnaise jar and started putting large stones in it. When he finished, he asked his students whether they think the jar is full, they one and all agreed. Then the teacher took a box filled with pebbles and poured it into the jar and. Gently shook and, of course, pebbles rolled and rolled in the gaps. Again asked students whether they thought the jar was full. They agreed again this time with laughter. The philosopher took a box full of sand and poured it also in the stones. Sand scattered throughout jar and fill all voids.

“So … – said the professor. – I want to show you what it really represents your life. Big stones are really important things your family, your life partner, your health, your children. Even if everything else disappears from your life, these things will still fill it. pebbles are the other things that are important to you career, car, house. sand is everything else. smallest. If you hold your life be filled with sand, then the larger and -drebnite stone will be left out. This is the life of each of us. If we spend our time and wasting all his energy for small things, it will never get this time and place significant. be very careful when setting priorities when deciding what would make your life happy. Play with your kids, go for regular medical check-ups, take my girlfriend dancing.’ll always have time to go to work, clean the house, make a party or have something someone. Cherish the highest the biggest stone that really worth it and it’s really valuable. Set your priorities in life. The rest is just sand. ”

Then one of the students took the jar to which all other professor had agreed that it was filled to the brim, and dumped it in a box of beer. Of course, once the beer spilled everywhere and fill the jar truly full.

What is the conclusion?

“No matter how full your life may seem, there is always room for a beer!” 😉

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