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Interview: After the interview

Interview: After the interview

Interview: After the interview

Part of professional etiquette is a candidate to receive a response from you, whether it is positive or negative. Remember that the entire interview is a way to promote your business name and your company to create and maintain a very good impression of her.

Immediately after the interview, write down their impressions.

Send as possible rather short and polite thank you letter or card to each interviewer. Make sure that the names and titles are spelled correctly.

Do not forget to call the consultant agency recruiters who sent you the interview feedback. This can be a good way to learn more about the company, which will be useful for the next interview. Recently become increasingly popular after interview to send a thank you card or letter to the interviewer. This way you:

  • Enhanced positive impression on the interviewer for you, Karate interviewer to remember you, re-confirm your genuine interest in the job and serious intentions, flatter the interviewer for his role during the interview.
  • You are original.

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