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Ikigai - the meaning of being

Ikigai – the meaning of being


Ikigai – the meaning of being

Ikigai is a term from the Japanese philosophy of long life. Generally ikigai means “reason for being”.

Ikigai makes life valuable and useful for person and person himself – happy.

Whether you understand it or not, everyone has their own “ikigai.” But not everyone is reached. Many people did not even try. Blaming everything and everyone and not try to understand the cause of their misfortune is probably in themselves.

The term is Japanese, but if you look at the scheme will easily understand that concerns us all.

Everyone have big goal or dream in life, he can safely put it in the place reserved in the scheme for ikigai. How would it call it is not so important. It is important to define. To digest. And to strive for it.

To reach it, one must first know yourself: what he or she likes, what is good, how he or she wants to earn a living.

He or she need to know and the surrounding reality, to determine what can be useful in this world, what is its mission.

Thus the road to it will be exciting, and his/her life – value.

The scheme is quite expressive and everyone can understand it, and consider it and think about it.

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