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How to spend the holidays without gaining weight?

How to spend the holidays without gaining weight?


How to spend the holidays without gaining weight?

The most exciting holidays for all are Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Who does not expect what his relatives or Santa Claus will surprise him under the tree? Who does not expect delicious festive tables? A never-ending string of name days and holidays should be at least a month after New Year.

These tables are the biggest nightmare for those people who, with labor and will, took a few pounds just before the holidays.


And we (me and Gali) have been doing it for years now, and all co-workers know it and do it. Trust them.


There is nothing more than what everyone learns from their coaches, lectures at the Health Academy or the 30-day challenge (now is the time to register!).

I will tell you how we achieve it at home.

1. Eating.

Eating is important. We already know that nutrition holds 80% of the share of good health and self-esteem.

We strive to maintain the ratio of 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat plus good hydration and enough fiber and vitamins. The abundance of food allows us to do it. The aim is to emphasize protein, especially when we “have to” increase carbs (pies and sweets).

We include our products to help. It is easy, fast, nature and efficient with them.

In the morning shake we put 2 spoons of protein powder instead of 1. This is especially important for people who fast – they are even harder to get their protein. These two spoons of powder are a solid insurance against the sweet temptations during the day.

If the day opens for a long time without eating (hard, but it happens), fill it again with a shake of more powder.

We need to increase the intake of fiber to ease the cleansing. Along with “Oatmeal Drink” in the morning and “Beta Heart” before bedtime, I drink two “Fiber and herbal tablets” before each meal.

Sometimes we make a turbo-cocktail – in a bottle of 1.5-2 liters of water add 3 servings of protein powder, three portions of thermojetics-tea, three servings of aloe-mango and three portions of an oatmeal drink or Beta Heart. Shake and drink from this cocktail between the main meals by skipping the intermediate ones. It also helps for extra protein, for cleansing, and for our energy throughout the day.

2. Hydrating.

Water is no less important. Water! Not the Coke, the Schweppes, the Sprite… Not even the sparkling water. We’re talking about poor plain water. Winter is harder to catch water, so it does work and unsweetened warm tea. Or sweetened with Aloe-mango.

What tea? The best! Throughout the day, we drink Termojetics-tea. We make it in liter bottles for easier measurement – fill them half with water, add a teaspoon of tea and 4-5 spoons of Aloe-mango (for those who do not know – it is 10 times lower calorie than natural aloe) Termojetics-tea helps to burn fat and carbohydrates more actively and gives us enough caffeine without its harmful effects like caffeine in coffee.

3. Supplementation.

A complex word. A few years ago I had not even heard her, but young people love her today. It means to get our body substances that are in small quantities or are absent in our usual food.

Here I will mention my favorite Yellow tablets, which I have rid myself of my addiction to sweet things and the roaming in the closets in the evening at bedtime for something sweet.

Yellow tablets contain large amounts of chrome and extract of Garcinia Cambodia.

The useful properties of the garcinia are extremely popular and commented on the web. I do not think you mess up your heads with a lot of complications about how it all works. It is enough to know that these tablets improve metabolism, especially carbohydrates, reduce our addiction to sweet things, and regulate blood sugar levels.

At home we arm with a pack of Yellow and we drink one tablet between the main meals or if there is not a sharp limit between meals, in the morning around 10.00 am and in the afternoon at about 4.00 pm When the table is present potatoes, rice, banitsa, bread, pastries and other carbohydrates – two tablets are taken immediately after a meal. They act flawlessly!

However, keep in mind that this method can withstand moderate policy neglect. If we’re going to “feed- fornication” for the last time, I do not know if it will do the same job. It works for me – I eat a bit of everything I want without fat.

We can talk a lot about supplementation during the holidays, but everything is very individual and the nutrition coach, who follows our development, can best say us what is good for each of us. That’s why I’m going to limit myself to Yellow. Although it should also be taken care of by people with usually low blood sugar. Personally, we at home also get other Herbalife tablets – multi vitamins (for men or women), immune enhancement, omega-3, more energy, and so on.

4. Lifestyle.

If we want to “protect” qualitatively, we need not just change our diet but our lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to listen to our coaches, they know how they can help us. No matter how good Herbalife’s products are, they are not magic – the real “wizard” is the coach.

Sport is the other 20% of the shares of our good health and self-esteem. I do not think the holidays can prevent a little physical activity – a light morning jogging, house cleaning between guest visiting, a visit to the gym, or a walk through the shops.

Still, I will mention some other simple common rules for a better lifestyle during the holidays:

  • Do not overeat. Try more things, but less. Just try, do not eat them all! 😉
  • Do not drink alcohol. It is also dangerous for driving and for metabolism. With it you take a huge amount of empty calories. Better pick people around you as much as possible – the mood makes the company, not the alcohol. If necessary, prefer a glass of wine instead of a concentrate, instead of beer or instead of some other slightly alcoholic beverages. Do not forget the glass of water to the glass of wine.
  • Never miss breakfast. And let it be with more protein and less carbohydrates, and at the same time with good hydration.
  • Feed slowly and with pleasure. Chew the food well. Try to stop eating before you feel a feeling of satiety, this feeling is slightly inert, but it will come.
  • Spend more time with friends, kids, and the dog than on the table.
  • Do not spend more than once a day at guests’ disposal – you will not miss out on every visit.
  • Sex is good physical activity and speeds up the production of useful enzymes and hormones.
  • Avoid frying and cooking as much as possible.
  • Prefer pure meat. Avoid “trifles” and insides.
  • Do not eat food to avoid throwing. Better think if you cannot take it to people who need it.
  • If there is snow or ice, clean it and create amenities for you and your guests. This is also a good physical activity.
  • See your coach and take a break from the spring – what he or she does during the holidays.

But 100% of the working and proven advice so far is: sign up for our challenges on (it’s for those who are looking for excuses with no time or other excuses because it’s all online) . There you will learn in detail besides these and many other things – how to shop, how to do right, how to eat properly, how much water you need to drink, how to improve your immunity and avoid fatigue, healthy cooking and many other useful things in life things.

Become healthier and happier! Up to you!


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