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How to speed up your metabolism

How to speed up your metabolism


How to speed up your metabolism

We’ve already learned how to know that our metabolism has slowed down, we’ve learned why he’s been slow, now we’ll figure out how we can speed it up.

It is quite logical: by removing the reasons for its delay.

  1. So we start with eating again.

As you read this, it is very likely that you have already made sure that magic diets and weight loss pills are gone. Man is set up like electric current – he moves the direction with the least resistance and is inclined to resort to an easy diet or weight loss pills. Even if it has any effect on such things, it is temporary, and if it does not change its way of life, everything is restored with surplus.

(in fact, I soon learned about a “miracle diet” – you eat what you get and wait for a miracle to happen ;-))

The unpleasant thing about restrictive diets (and most of them are) that you have been deprived of some substances vital to the body. By observing such diets, the body, in order to protect itself, deliberately slows the metabolism in anticipation of a time when it will begin to feed again normally.

  • Our first job is to stop any diets. Let’s start thinking about changing your way of life. This is sure to be helped by one of our wellness coaches – in this field they are absolute professionals. Arrange with patience and discipline – you need 3-4 months to start this change successfully.
  • Our second job is to restore the nutrient shortage. Most macronutrients are mostly protein, fiber (which are actually carbohydrates) and Omega-3 fatty acids. Of the micronutrients, the most common deficiencies are vitamins (B, D, A, C, etc.), iodine, zinc, calcium, selenium, chromium, magnesium, iron or others. How to restore exactly what we lack will again help our wellness coach in a very natural way and without synthetic substances. More than the foods and products that are recommended to speed up metabolism actually deliver just those substances that we lack.

The wellness coach will recommend what foods we need to get from markets, shops, supermarkets, luckier than a village or our own farm. The sad news already mentioned in the previous article – the products, even from their own farm, can not be as they were 20-30 years ago – the soil is exhausted, it is treated with different chemicals, and so on. The statistics are cruel – for this period, many of our valuable trace elements have fallen by 80-95% or more! Still, we do not limit anyone – “masochists” may go to collect the necessary products. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s going to be hard, costly, and with a lot of waste of time.

For the joy of everyone else, our company has thought about it, and Formula 1 shake has all the ingredients needed for the human body, Formula 2, Formula 3 and other specialized food supplements, Thermozhet tea, and so on. . you can customize the program for every person, no matter what you need in more – here we will again rely on the professionalism of our wellness coaches. In doing so, we will be able to get our absences at a very reasonable price and without any waste of time.

Secret advice: The self-directed and chaotic reception of vitamins and other substances has little effect. An effect will certainly have – it will make it hard for your coaching partner why you are not getting the expected results. The voluntary acceptance of various supplements and products that are inherently beneficial in themselves may disturb the balance determined by a whole board of top scientists from all over the world. Let us not think that we know more than these, to “get our” ego and listen to our wellness coach!

It is very important to cleanse our body from the various accumulated “dangers” – toxins, slags, etc. We need a certain amount of fiber. Again, it’s a good idea to ask our wellness coach how to get them.

  • Our third job is to restore the periodicity of nutrition: water, main breakfast, midnight breakfast, lunch, midnight breakfast, dinner. Eat in 3-4 hours. Like the baby. What exactly, when, in what combinations, etc. – The wellness coach is invaluable for these recommendations. It is good to avoid simple carbohydrates in the afternoon and eat a little before sleeping.
  • Our fourth job is to get the right amount of clean water. Desirable to have body temperature or at least room temperature. Here one can say that if the water is icy cold, the body will use extra energy to warm it up, but I personally think that the body’s stress from the ice cold water is greater than the calories consumed. But under all circumstances water is important. The processes in the human organism are carried out in an aquatic environment. Water is also needed to clear it from the waste.

Secret advice: To provide enough water helps to limit or stop all diuretics from the variety of carbonated beverages, beer, coffee and more. I often meet for one of our clients, who, having realized that for six or seven coffees that he drank daily, has to increase his intake of water by three liters, he immediately said, “That’s better to stop the coffee!” And it really is.

  • Our fifth job is to limit and best to completely stop alcohol. Alcohol directly hinders liver function, which has a key position in metabolism. As a transition when stopping, we recommend replacing at least the concentrate with a glass of white wine (not beer because it is carbonated and is a strong diuretic). When we need to drink alcohol, have the greatest possible amount of water.

Secret advice: Do not try “on your head” to remove limb edges with strong diuretics, because you have decided that you will make the water out of the swelling out. Reducing these swellings will be most successful with systemic intake of enough water to restore normal metabolism – swellings are often (but not always) due to the fact that the body has stored water there for heavier days. For the treatment of such swellings, seek medical advice.

Secret advice: try a sharp cold shower in the bathroom. The sharp clamping of muscles in this experiment increases metabolism and even more mood.

  1. Focus on physical activity.

It may seem marvelous to you, but the appetite comes with eating. And it is logical – sport it with a bag of cement on the back and then throw it away – when will it be easier and enjoyable? The same is with the extra pounds. It can be started with something easy – long walk, easy exercise at home, yoga, gradual swim and exercise in the gym, etc. The wellness coach will recommend us the right way, the best and especially for us. We have to trust him because physical activity, combined with improper nutrition, leads to damage instead of improving metabolism. The coach will help us accumulate more muscle or keep it at weight loss, resulting in faster metabolism. Protein blocks, for example, are a delicious end (and not so calorie) of the next workout.

Secret advice: Continuous exercise with low and moderate activity, of the cardio type, accelerates the metabolism more, but for a shorter time – for the time of the training itself and say for the day. Strength exercises with weights accelerate metabolism not so much, but for a long time, for example 2-3 days. The combination between the two is the best, but here again we come back to our wellness coach or a certified fitness instructor.

Secret advice: If our work is connected with standing sitting, it is good to find some tasks that force us to walk or at least stand upright. This not only stimulates our body but also metabolism.

  1. Let us provide our rest and sleep.

Sleep never gets us, but it is extremely important. In this case, be 7-8 hours in the dark of the day to restore the periodicity and time needed for that part of the metabolic processes that occur during sleep. The opinion of some “workaholics” that it is a waste of time is extremely erroneous.

Secret Advice: Stay in the sun at every opportunity. Do not miss a beach, but do not overdo it. Naturally, vitamin D is important not only for children but also for women of all ages, as well as for the absorption of calcium.

  1. Overcoming stress.

Stress is a big enemy of metabolism. Different people reflect differently on the figure. Whether it is weak or fatal, it negatively affects metabolism. I know how you will stand up against me – that you are forced to work under stress and you have no choice.

Which is not really true. Rather, you are afraid of change. But nature has not made us struggle to tolerate this situation. If we do not like the job, change it! If we do not like the boss, let him be sacked!

Secret advice: Do not we believe in ourselves? If you want to change your job and you do not know how and what, ask your wellness coach, maybe he can help you.

Secret Advice: Desirers can try meditation. Many also consider this to be a waste of time, but the results are repayable and the sample is worth it.

Secret advice: Laugh often. Even if you are not funny. Even at the beginning the smile was more jagged. Laughter reduces the hormones that cause stress and accordingly the metabolism accelerates.

  1. Sex

Sex is a pretty universal “medicine”. I will not get deeper into the biochemistry of this exercise, and there is enough written about it. It certainly improves mood, motivation and overall hormonal levels, and metabolism.

Opponents of our products claim to have a negative impact on potency. I have not noticed such an effect, but whoever does not believe, let him ask someone who knows us, how many children we have. There is hardly any need for more words.

What is the conclusion?

Listen to your wellness coach! He is the person who works because he enjoys your results, often more than his own! The coach is not interested in taking your money, because that would be a one-time one. Its goal is to achieve results and maintain and improve them permanently. The coach will give you everything, but you have to trust him and fulfill his recommendations for full success.

The Wellness Coach is a unique addition to our products, which no other company has, and which we receive along with the purchase of the products from the right place, such as our club.

Secret advice: OLX and other similar internet sources are not good, but it can be a dangerous solution – these products are not known when and where they are taken, and how they are full. Do not be fooled by a lower price – it is not accidentally lower. For the whole country, no matter which member of Herbalife you get the products, the guaranteed price is the same. At a lower price, “one light should light up” that there may be a reason for it to be, and you (and not the company or products) are responsible for your decision!



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