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How to make a man happy in bed

How to make a man happy in bed

How to make a man happy in bed

Striving for mutual pleasure
Striving for mutual pleasure

Female orgasm has been studied in more detail at the end of the nineteenth century. Before, it was adopted by default, that a woman should sacrifice themselves and their feelings to satisfy male desires, mainly in order to conceive .

Today it is often rather the opposite.

The aim is for mutual pleasure, pregnancy is usually planned as far as possible be planned.

On this how men satisfy women is writen too much.

But about the women – men?

Here are a few things that women nice to know. Therefore face directly to you – the woman.

In no case can be said to be complete or authoritative rules – they are like every rule – can be violated.

You decide to violate them – but with caution !

1. Wearing beautiful underwear (in which you feel comfortable and convenient).

Wearing beautiful underwear
Wearing beautiful underwear

Even if you do not admit it , men fall at Coquette and various fetishes. Garters , lace , red and black stockings with edges and patterns and any such elements.

Elegant “sports” unisex underwear, as it is stylish, causes much less erotic sensations and ideas than some “outrage” with roses and pads in different places. Boots with high heels and all kinds of “uniforms” are also highly erotic tease ego of the man.

Well, at times become uncomfortable, but very often a good start… and without quickly become useless (for the moment).

2. Leave some lights to work.

They say that only one man in a million has the ability to see in the dark. All other probably terrible envy because most women do love to do it in the dark. Men, unlike women, perceived better visual images. Seeing!

Leave some lights to work
Leave some lights to work

Workplace shall be illuminated… otherwise you will have problems with “occupational medicine”.

Of course, you do not need lighting in operating. Sufficient light is a night light or a TV (with soft music or something erotic, not your favorite series!).

You can even take advantage of the light-warm color lighting very comfortable hides some spots and skin defects.

3. Leave something to eat and some drinks close to bed.

Satisfy the animal hunger
Satisfy the animal hunger

Every second man immediately after sex is often a bout of animal hunger. This is quite normal. Wasted energy must be restored. So have the strength and the second call (but not count that if you feed him, will necessarily have).

4. Stress preconditioning.

And men love it. But love it more concise and catchy. The instinct of men like instinct cock. If you see the tip of the cock fleeing worm casts in pursuit. If the area is full of worms – potential victims, just the opposite – they are not interesting for him. Of course, unlike the man cock has intellect, will, life experience…

Men love shorter preparation
Men love shorter preparation

But the instinct to chase is the same. This irritates and his ego – baiting more, if slightly repulsed. But only slightly. You jump the border, a man might find a more interesting job or prefer self-sufficiency…

5. Ask him what he wants and share your own desires.

Each of us holds deeper own little sexual fantasies and they rarely occur in practice.

Sexual fantasies?
Sexual fantasies?

Do not be afraid to ask – in most cases, his fantasies are not sadomasochistic sex with camel or something.

On the contrary, men often lurk modest and manageable desires.

Sexual fantasies...
Sexual fantasies…

For example, one can dream about having sex with a woman in medical gown and a stethoscope, oral sex, or even something you might want to try, but never shared.

For example, to spank ass lightly with the palm or rope.

Another dream of sex in water or even easier – in the bathroom.

Men are proud and are therefore often less stupid because I share your desires.

Do not forget you can share your desires. Men are “stupid person” and will not feel what you want – you tell them to “plain text.”

6. Be active and move during sex.

Be active
Be active

Every man (unless necrophiliac) loves the woman is mobile and active during sex.

The more – much more!

Ideally activity is bilateral. Because there are some men who are “specific resources” only share  them for personal use without any effort and even participate.

7. Find his erotic zones by touching and kissing.

Some men love kisses and bites on his chest. Other – elsewhere. More sensitive areas need to be done carefully, rudeness is often counterproductive.

Not too slow
Not too slow

The opposite effect can also be a tingling or long duration.

Men also love the game before “passing on the merits,” but not when it is excessive.

Basically everything is individual and must try to feel it.

Even if it is their favorite thing, you should not overdo it. Scientists say that if you suck male breasts six hours a day, start to run colostrum, and soon milk. I do not suppose you are looking for such an effect…

8. Kiss his ears and his neck.

Ears and neck for men are also sensitive erogenous zones, not just for women and cats.

Well, I still look at the writing above your nipples – this is not true for everyone, and should not be overdone.

These feelings are very individual, but you will be pleased to study them.

Explore his feelings
Explore his feelings

9. Scream and moan (with hints of pleasure, of course).

A similar effect may also have other sounds: sighs, whispers, murmurs, screaming, screeching, moaning, begging for mercy. If you come inside, even sing the Internationale. All sounds are pleasing to both parties during sex as long behind the wall not sleep your old parents or cousin from the village.

Issue sexy sounds, but not overreact
Issue sexy sounds, but not overreact

This is also a consequence of the ancient instincts – the cries of the female showed that the penis has entered deep enough to be able to perform the mating of maximum likelihood.

If all this is done in a sacred panes and do not want to go out to all the neighbors, at least willing that you are going to do and be limited to the quieter sounds.

10. Maintain well shaped hair on your bikini area.

Maintain well shaped hair on your bikini area.
Maintain well shaped hair on your bikini area.

Modern statistical studies show that the taste of hair removal in zone of the panties are in approximately the following proportions:

– Fully wool – 8.4%

– Completely without hair, but pubic tattoo – 0.4%

– Landscape of path or another figure – 88.7%

– Nature untouched – 2.5%

You decide whether to trust the public opinion of their desire or you can ask your partner. Statistics are verified, your decision depends on the goal: to please everyone got in your eyes or male enough and your partner or you yourself.

11. Do not call the police if suddenly he offer you anal sex.

The idea of ​​a sex excites the majority of men, because:
– First it’s taboo (any prohibited thing is at least curious);
– Secondly it is interesting to try something new and super intimate;
– A third of men this zone is much erogenous than for most women.


Men have a prostate, which is a sensitive organ located near the rectum – in some diseases in men with prostate medical massage often seen erection and even ejaculation.

Understandable for men to expect the same sensations and women and expect women to like anal sex.

Statistics show that this is true only in 10-15% of women.

Call the police
Call the police

Well, maybe if such a policy, any man will not refuse to call her…

Women are resourceful enough to find a way to refuse her husband on his desire, if they do not like.

It is sufficient and direct refusal.

12. Drink plenty of fluids before sex.

Drink fluids
Drink fluids

This is not about a liter “Dom Perignon.”

Sufficient and mineral water or some juice.

The point is that by filling the bladder, stimulation of the famous G-spot is more effective and get more pleasure from sex.

A lot of men like to make the woman “died”.

Maybe that’s what makes men happy – that are reported as very generous – it enjoyable tinkering with their egos.

13. Improved technique for oral sex.

Improve your technique
Improve your technique

All men, without exception, are big fans of oral sex.

Even if a woman does it very bad and it comes from the upside if only her enthusiasm or desire to do so, rather than technical implementation they like.

Even if the woman pays more attention to the hole in the center of the glans and foreskin completely ignored and frenulum (cuticle covering the glans and frenulum, which does hold that flap below), although it should be doing the opposite.

By itself, the technique of oral sex is very simple.

Forget “deep penetration”

To be brought to ecstasy partner is not necessarily a woman can do tricks in style “Chocholina who swallowed swords”.

The use of the penis as a cocktail straw is also a waste of time – the vacuum is not very useful in this case.

Forget everything you’ve heard about the “deep penetration” and other such nonsense.

The easiest way is to work not with the mouth and tongue and hands, the speed is kept slow – the minimum that is sufficient to keep the penis in a solid state, without over quickly.

Sensor whether it is doing well is in the front of your eyes and in your hands.

14. Tell him a compliment.

Tell him a compliment
Tell him a compliment

Even the big “macho” does not think he’s doing everything right in sex.

Every man is afraid of it be “dislikes” even at the brief meeting with a woman, even without having any intentions towards her.

Therefore, the simplest compliment a nice tease his ego and fills it with the energy required to reach the ultimate pleasure for both.

“Always driving me crazy”

This does not need a woman shouting poems and poetic praise.

Enough is as simple to say “I’ve never felt so much pleasure”… or “always driving me crazy …

15. Play with his best part.

Who is she right? You do not know? You’re kidding me. This is the most obvious thing.

His best part
His best part

Naturally, it comes to penis. Men are proud of their penis even not seem majestic.

Some baptize him with pet names.

This does not mean that the penis is all about the man. Do not forget the two balls underneath.

Do not forget the two balls underneath
Do not forget the two balls underneath

They also deliver his pleasure in fondling, pinch, kissing, suction.

For orientation can again be observed hardness of the penis or simply to ask, “So you like it?”.

Science that goes into art, when you manage to keep his erection in the lower limit – aha disappear, but does not disappear … and do not end quickly.

For it is not we need high speed or power.

And when you decide from here easily and quickly leads to another border point where the process becomes irreversible.

16. Smile.


Many women, even those who genuinely love sex, considered it his duty to make the man in the bed like a beast, tearing the victim instead behave as attentive and responsive partner.

Probably influenced by specific category films that in most cases far from school…

In this man usually scares worry, started asking “What happened? Bad for you? World you pulled?” And even more shocked by an answer like “Oh, no, it’s great!” And again subsequent grimaces of horror and crying faces. This confuses scary men.

And even it is very sexy
And even it is very sexy

Who knows why many women think it’s wrong to smile and show joy during sex.

Yes, you can! And even if it is very hot!

Jump necessarily (and not just during sex – try always to be cheerful and smiling).

17. Put a mirror in the bedroom.

Put a mirror in the bedroom
Put a mirror in the bedroom

You already know that men are the most important visual images.

And if these images are twice… it is natural to be at least twice as powerful. And there is no sense to be replayed – if the mirror is in the hallway, do not carry every night in the bedroom. It is enough to begin to caress him.

While it would be better not necessarily mirror is the ceiling . Enough to be visible from the love bed.

And not just the ceiling every man likes . In fact , the reason for disliking that sees it as his own shortcomings. But you can be sure that at this point no one cares about the mole at such and such or appearing tseluloit elsewhere …

18. Keep perfect personal hygiene.

Is it worth it to talk about it when nowadays are standard?

There are men with strange beliefs on this issue, but they are negligible, to be worth the attention their discussion.

Keep perfect personal hygiene.
Keep perfect personal hygiene.

19. Prevent him to quickly reach orgasm.

You want more, and he is obviously going to finish?

And he would love to be slowed, but the process seems unmanageable?

There is still hope… his testicles gently pull down or lightly pressed against his head exactly in the frenulum.

The process seems unmanageable
The process seems unmanageable

Ii is not 100% effective, but in most cases it helps. Of course, doing this carefully and gently… not postpone his orgasm (him and your) for the next day…

Carefully and gently
Carefully and gently

These are some of the rules relatively universal. Each person is a universe – be his researcher!


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