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“The Patriot is an endangered species in today’s Bulgaria. Yet sometimes there are people who have not lost all Bulgarian and respect and love the creations of their ancestors. Think this can be said about the creator of this site. Nowadays, when all compete to put on their sites with text latest hit of Puff Daddy (or Kondyo) as he dared to share with us the text of the Bulgarian real pretty songs. Moreover, as the webmaster himself expressed it: “All copyrights belong to the songwriter.”

Former appearance of the site “Songbook”

The songs are divided into several groups. In “Folk Songs” is only 15, but they are quite famous and even if you wish, you can send another if you have handy. The “Old Town” offers a lot more songs – 81 of them, as surely this is one of the most famous and loved in Bulgaria popular tunes from the recent past. In category “Renaissance” and “Macedonian” you can see 60 more popular “hit” whose fan (and not only he) is Slavi Trifonov. If they are not enough – view “Mountain” or “Kids” songs and entertain yourself and your child, even singing fake. Site author Toni Ivanov has not forgotten to place and one of the most popular contemporary pop songs , most of which , of course, are hits. If you want to contribute to enrichment of this site, please contact its author and be sure that you are doing something useful.”

Stoyan Toshev (bigstoyan)
Magazine HiCOMM, issue 12 , April 2002 , p 62-63

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