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How to help in case of heart attack


30+ is a charming old pretty vague limit …;-)

Since 1999 the Internet goes one information that is good to know all the people, even not only those of 30+ years.

I got it, thanks to my friend and compatriot Martin De Nisi. Originator’s General Hospital di Rochester.

At first glance it seems quite absurd, but anyway we live in a constant environment of absurdities.

However, if you happen… bout of heart attack, there is still a chance not to “cede luggage.” You have ten seconds, then gradually you mind leaving. To prevent this:

Take a deep breath and then cough as if expectoration. Maximum hard!

Thus, the diaphragm is clamped and does contractions of the heart muscle. Something as artificial heart massage. This “exercise” is done while the heart starts beating only. It has been shown that helps.

Is the only known method, which can help themselves in the event of such a trouble. The explanation is not quite equivalent to what it says on the site, but it is easy to understand and is certainly more than anything.

It would be nice to forward it to your friends, even to translate it to other languages, if necessary. They will hardly see it as SPAM.

Good Luck!

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